Kate Middleton and Prince William Wedding Questions: Partially Answered!

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Kate Middleton and Prince William will get married in 2011, and billions of people will watch the ceremony on television. That's about all we can verify when it comes to the future of this newly-engaged couple.

In a statement today, the Royal family simply said:

"Prince William and Miss Middleton have spent the morning in meetings with Household staff about the wedding. An announcement about venue and date will be made in due course after other Members of the Royal Family, Mr. and Mrs. Middleton and the Government have been consulted."

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Among other wedding rumors/tidbits, we can report:

  • July 29 is a strong possibility as a wedding date because it would mark the 30th anniversary of Princess Diana's marriage to Prince Charles. 
  • The pair will get married in London. This likely narrows down the venues to St. Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey.
  • Prince Harry will serve as the best man.
  • What titles will Kate and William take? The rumored options come down to dukedoms of Clarence, Cambridge and Sussex. These are senior titles that would be "eminently suitable," according to an expert. 

Got other questions on the upcoming marriage? THG will try to track down the answers.

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