Will.i.am-Perez Hilton Fight Captured on Video!

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Early this morning, an altercation between Perez Hilton and will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas led to an arrest - and left both parties steamed and pointing fingers.

Well, a video of the incident that ended with an assault on Perez Hilton has now surfaced - and the blogger clearly be heard calling will.i.am a "f**king f*ggot."

Here's the video of the Perez Hilton-will.i.am altercation ...

The footage begins in the middle of the verbal altercation outside an after-party for the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, Ontario.

This is moments after Perez says will.i.am went after him like a "heat-seeking missile" and unleashed a verbal tirade.

With a crowd surrounding Perez, will.i.am and the Peas' manager Polo Molina, the guys argue back and forth for about a minute, until Perez tells will.i.am:

"You're not a f**king artist ... you're a f**king f*ggot!"


The scene suddenly turns chaotic - and in the mess someone punches Perez in the face. Polo Molina was arrested for the alleged assault, for which Hilton initially blamed will.i.am.

Check out Perez's nearly 12-minute version of the events you see above, and leading up to the confrontation, and will.i.am's statement on the events as well.

Also, pick your side in our poll ...

What do you think? Convinced? Not? Is Perez just sticking up for himself or did he get what he deserved last night? Choose your side!


thats wat your gay self get talking mess have u heard the terms "dont start wat u cant finish


Incredible site!


Good job will.i.am, keep up the good work! :D


Who else thinks it sounds like Lady GaGa at 0:07.. and there was no need for Will.I.Am to say faggot, although I HATE Perez Hilton and like the BEP.


this is like total bullshit. perez, u know u deserved it, so suck it up, gay fag


Perez, you're gay. Why would you call someone else Gay? That's fucking retarded! hahah...Verbal abuse is just as terrible as physical abuse, and you verbally abuse people every single day. Karma's a bitch I guess isn't it?


Its such a shame they didn't all boot him around the floor.


Looks like someone beat me to the punch.


hey perez remember the whole incident with the question about gays you asked runner up for miss america of 2009, well you are very hypocritic to your own words because called will.i.am a faggot was a big mistake... if you really believe in wat you say then you should practice wat you preach, you say you like writing about other people's drama but you don't want any for your self, well how about putting this into your blog.. "I got my ass whooped, and deserved it." we might all respect you alot more... oh and by the way why not cool it with the blogs or follow the traditional rule, "if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything at all."


Will I am is a pussy .....hahahaha having to get his manager to hit Perez.
What a doofus.Get over it Perez ,shit happens.

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