Friend Worries Andy Dick "Is Going to Kill Himself"

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Charlie Sheen may have snorted cocaine, paid a porn star for sex and screamed the N word in his hotel room last week - but the actor comes across as Mother Teresa when compared with Andy Dick.

Rarely does a month go by without that rarely-employed actor in an embarrassing, illegal situation, from arrests for sexual abuse to public drunken outbursts to the world's best mug shot.

Andy Dick Mugshot

But has the D-lister's behavior finally caught up to him? Might he suffer the most dire consequences of all?

Andy Dick is anything but A-OK.

"Andy has openly talked to me about committing suicide and he has definitely hit rock bottom at this point," a friend tells Radar Online. "Unless he gets help fast then he's going to kill himself because he is totally out of control just now."

This anonymous source says he spent time with Dick two weeks in Virginia.

The former Newsradio star allegedly begged his pal for $250,000 because he owed "lawyer fees and back taxes," while the insider says Andy "would start drinking as soon as he got up in the morning and would be really abusive to people."

It's been confirmed that police were called to Dick's hotel room in Innsbrook in mid-October, while the actor also exposed himself at Café Audrey in Hollywood last Monday afternoon.

"He stood up, took out his dick and said something like, 'This is me!'" an onlooker said of the latter incident. "After that he staggered out down the street, making quite the commotion once he left... I actually felt bad for the guy."

The world might soon be saying the same thing if he doesn't get serious help.


Andy Dick is a discusing sexual preditor, his humour makes people sick. And when hes not in court for touching 17 year old girls tits or snotting cocaine hes being a racist wanker on the radio (UTTER FUCKING SLIME)no wonder his parents gave him up at birth, they must of known even then.


what a douche


Ha ha, yeah like this douche bag has friends. Someone email me the guys address and I will mail him a gun, a rope, a dozen oxycontin whatever...just get rid of this waste of space.


OMG that's awful! I love Andy Dick, he's so funny. I also watched him with Dr. Drew on tv and he seemed like he was doing so much better. Although, that is television and you can't always tell what's for real and what isn't.
I really hope he doesn't turn to the worst of the worst ideas. I love him, and I know there's others out there who love him too and know, that he deserves better!!!
Keep ur head up!


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