Bizarre Behavior: Charlie Sheen Allegedly Shouts N Word, Cakes Face in Cocaine

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New details are emerging on Charlie Sheen's raucous, drug-fueled night inside a New York City restaurant and hotel room this week - and they make the actor look even more pathetic, if that's possible.

As previously reported and pictured, Sheen started the night at an establishment called Daniel. He drank and dined with friends and acquaintances, including porn star/call girl Capri Anderson.

What, Charlie Worry?

Three days after his NYC rampage, Charlie Sheen was back in Los Angeles, telling reporters he is "excellent."

At one point, a source revealed to Radar Online, the actor "convinced Capri to go to the bathroom with him." From there:

"He started snorting cocaine and then took off his pants. Charlie wanted to have sex with Capri and tried but she stopped him and demanded her $12,000. He didn't have the money on him so she left him in the bathroom!"

When Sheen didn't come back to the table with his date, his assistant went to the bathroom, opened the door and...

"There was Charlie standing there naked with cocaine all over his face!" the source said. "He was delusional and just completely lost. Totally out of it."

But that's not all! It's been well-documented that Sheen and Anderson made it back to his room at the Plaza, only for the former to flip out over his missing wallet and watch. Capri locked herself in the bathroom out of fear. Sheen's reaction?

"He was punching the walls of the hotel room and going crazy and shouting 'n**ger, n**ger, n**ger for no reason at all," the insider says.

We can't verify this report, of course. But would anything shock you about Sheen at this point?


Charlie Sheen is the biggest loser, feel sorry for him. He worked and worked and dropped out of high school. Charlie Sheen NEVER went to college, never got a degree. What his parents failed to teach Carlos is to respect himself.....He can turn his life around, but he needs a village to help him....Why cant they get all the drug dealers out of his life???????? Money buys freedom, but maybe he doesnt care about himself, he really wanted out of the 2.5Men show unless they gave him more money than GOD, ok, so they give him more money than GOD each week, but he has no respect for money, himself,his family....Charlie you seem to have all the money on earth, but in reality, you are the poorest.....


I can't stand why does it make a different if the "N" is used seriously look it up and thats the way you are acting by get hurt by it. Charlie is just living his life the way he wants to he has the money to if we had the money trust me we all would do some stupid shit to.


An excellent actor, a drug addict and a man who sees women as less than human. oh but he's rich so it's ok (shaking my daggone head)


I could care less about his personal life. He is a fantastic actor and he entertains me in every venue he appears. Best of Luck Mr. Sheen.


I could really care less how any times Charlie shouted out the '' N '' word . I am an African American male who's sick of this double edged sword of how when peoples of Non - African descent use the word there's some sorta uproar but when my peoples use it seems to be entertainment oriented or casually accepted . Truthfully i would like to use the '' N '' word on the African Americans that are using the word PERIOD !!!!!


Gotta love that evil grin! Carlos Irwin Estevez will never change. But I love you bloody show, dog gone it, both your real life and Two and a Half Men.


What happened to speedracer? He looks old and wasted.

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