Christina Aguilera in Burlesque: I'm a Good Girl!

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Christina Aguilera tried to be a wife, but she failed at that role last month when she and Jordan Bratman filed for divorce.

She tried to be a singer, and that worked for a few years - but Aguilera's most recent album tanked so badly that she pulled the plug on all promotion for it and canceled her summer tour.

Up next for Christina? Acting! She makes her big screen debut in Burlesque, co-starring with Cher in the musical, which will be released on November 24. Watch Aguilera play the part of an aspiring stage performer in the clip below, moving and shaking to the song "But I Am a Good Girl."


i love tha movie so much.Christian is an amazing singing i look up to her. Shes ma idol and when she was up on tha stage nd they didnt knw she could sing like tha way she does. It just gave me such gosebumps lol.Great movie i thnk ill go c uit agen i love u christian


Christina Aguilera is great on every aspect. I would like to watch more of her movies. I should say that she is much more better singer than most of singers around now a days. Love christina.


Perfect Christina! You've got the touch! Burlesque was great and so entertaining to watch from start to finish. I agree, Christina's performance here reminded me of Marilyn's "Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend". The playfulness and the softness in her voice sounds so incredible, reminds me of what true 40s and 50s music sounds like. She did 30 seconds of DIAMONDS, it was epic!! Christina was so absolutely amazing in this film!!!


Damn, she looks and sounds just like Marilyn Monroe!


I don't think Christina is under-rated, I think everybody knows what a great vocalist she is, I think the problem, if there is one, is that her style is not condusive to drawing a large audience. I've listened to her "Stripped" album, and it's not an easy listen. I think her venturing into movies is going to propel her to new heights, as all I can think when I see this performance is "Man, I wish she would wrap those legs around my head and have a screaming orgasm on my face"!!! I don't know how many times I've awakened, after dreaming of her, in a pool of... well you know, and still being able to taste her sweet wetness on my tongue! Best wishes, Christina, and I'll see you tonight! P.S...Christina, call me! (I'd much rather have sex with you while you're actually here! [ Same number]).


Christina Aguilera is UNDER-rated. She's so versatile and inspiring, and yet everyone's so focused on girls like Ke$ha and Britney who don't even have half the telent. Oh well. Can't wait to see Burlesque.


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