Alex Welch: Considering Legal Action Against Demi Lovato

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Following Demi Lovato's admission that she's seeking treatment for numerous personal issues, details began to leak out over the incident that prompted this singer to take such a courageous step.

Almost all reports confirm that there was a confrontation at an airport in Peru between Lovato and a backup dancer on tour with her and The Jonas Brothers, with some sources claiming Demi blamed this girl for ratting her and others out for partying the night before.

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Now, TMZ has identified the victim of Demi's anger as Alex Welch, a member of Beat Freaks, which actually earned the runner-up title on season 3 of America's Best Dance Crew. She also appeared in Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" video.

Witnesses say Welch had a black eye from a punch thrown by Demi, and that Lovato felt "awful" after it all went down. She apologized, left the tour and, of course, is now entering rehab.

But TMZ also quotes an insider who says this might not be enough for Welch. She's reportedly having discussions with lawyers and is considering legal action. Let's hope she doesn't go through with it, as Lovato made a major mistake and appears to be taking the steps necessary to rectify it.

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"Saying that Demi does not deserve to be sued for assault and battery is a terrible abuse of the US legal system." But it's ok for Alex to play the extortion card? That's basically what she is doing. Or did. Trying to garner a pay day and plastic surgery out of a black eye is equivalent to an unconstitutional amount of money. My sympathy for Alex ends at an apology and just compensation. Not being taken advantage of. Being held accountable does not mean you have to be robbed of an unconstitutional amount of funds. And if you want to play the legal defense, it's more of a mockery to waste the courts time with frivilous lawsuits and extortion tactics than anything else. Like it or not Demi has rights too. And infringing on those rights is just as wrong as anything else. You can't DO wrong for what you feel is the right reason. Alex is owed just compensation and an apology. Not what she THINKS she is owed.


Since most of you seem to be teenagers and don't know anything about law, Alex Welch can be tried in a US court. Demi is a Texas resident and Alex can file a suit there because anything Demi does can be tried in the state. Or in LA where they probably signed contracts to go on tour in the first place. Saying that Demi does not deserve to be sued for assault and battery is a terrible abuse of the US legal system. It is like saying that because she is a celebrity, she should not be held responsible for her actions. What if she had killed someone? Would it be okay for her to walk away just because she felt sorry for it? And you wouldn't be defending Demi if you were the one she punched in the face.


To everyone who's bashing Demi. First of all I don't like violence, so yeah what Demi did was stupid. The thing that bugs me though is how the heck people can judge others when they don't even know them or the real story. I'm in the singing industry as well. I get so tired of all the faking people does to get close to you or all the darn gossip people spread about famous people. Please take a second and think about how it would feel like if you were in their place.


The simple fact of the matter is this incident happened in another country, where US courts have NO jurisdiction. There isn't a damn thing she can legally do unless they were to try to extradite Demi back to the country where it happened and try the case there (Yeah... like THAT'S going to happen!). I'll put it in plain English: The girl can't do s**t. She can't sue for damages in a US court. Period. She's just going to have to suck it up, and maybe she'll get some "pity" fame out of the deal. That's about it.


she is wrong and ready (alex welch) love you demi ....=)... and if she comes to justice they will loose ALEX WELCH fuck


Fuck Alex Welch!!!!! Who the fuck told her to mess with Demi in the 1st place??? At least Demi had the courtesy to apologize to her instead of just walking away and leaving things as they were. If she files a lawsuit against Demi, that'll just make Demi's already recuperation status go down the toilet again; and it will all be Alex Welch's fault just because she wants to appear like the helpless victim who did "nothing" to cause the problem. Yes you did bitch! you're so pussy that you're thinking about doing this! you suck!... and as for Demi, I'm rooting for her all the way and hope she gets better :) love you Demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck The Haters!!!!!!!!!!


She punched a girl. Oops. But legal actions? Really? Is 15 minutes of fame worth all the time and effort getting a lawsuit together.... especially against a DISNEY star? You know, DISNEY a.k.a THE global corporation currently trying to get a supreme court ruling to overturn the length of a copyright? Good luck. She's already in rehab. Aside from maybe a hefty fine, she'll get a slap on the wrist. Alex Welch will just become another stepping stone to Lovato's infamous image. Doesn't seem worth it to me.


I have to agree that ya its great shes getting help but regardless she still assualted someone and just like my ma always said u dont want to do tha time dont do the crime..i mean did hit tha girl and be honest if someone hit u regardless of them getting help that wouldnt justify u getting hit wouldnt u still try to get justice celeb or not i love demi but she did tha crime do tha time like everyone else celebs get away with to much as it is...and cutting and hitting someone is two different things one u r doing to urself the other ur hurting someone else


Like I've said before; even if you have mental/ emotional issues, it gives you no right (legally or morally) to put your hands on another person. If she gets sued, well that's up to the person who was attacked...


Omg ppl are so dame stupid!! Get over it wow she punched a girl obviously for a reason?? Cus alex must have fu*in pissed her off.. Its normal for young girls to fight.. Girls get into fights with eachother a million times a day.. Ive gotten it too so many fights nd been jumped numerous times... Nd noone makes a big deal of it?? I say right on demi for punching that bitch, if someone is pushin ur buttons dont let them walk over u!! Im sure she didnt even mean to she might have juss been so angry to couldnt hold it nomore, but she is sorry for it, when i think she shouldnt b... Everyone needs to leave this poor girl alone!! lik i said girls fight everyday whats the big deal of demi punching one dumb girl?? People are so fuked up now days to other nd judgemental!! She has alot goin for her nd needs to say positive "fuk what ppl say demi stay positive girl nd strong i understand but hurting urself wont make u feel better hun"

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