Mel Gibson Surfaces in The Beaver Poster

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For months, we've wondered if The Beaver would even be released.

It's kind of a random film anyway, and since it stars Mel Gibson, well... we don't have to elaborate, but suffice it to say, he doesn't bring much positive PR anymore.

Mel Gibson Outside Court

Anyway, the release of the poster below suggests it's actually coming out, and given Mel's outbursts of late, the Jodie Foster-directed dark comedy is quite fitting.

LEAVE IT TO THE BEAVER: At this point, Mel likely would ...

As the film's protagonist, Mel plays a mentally ill person who communicates with the world through an animal puppet. Not quite a lawyer or publicist, but close.

So, there you go. He may have been fired from The Hangover 2, but Mel's career isn't completely over yet. Even if Jodie's the only one who'll hire him now.

No word if Oksana Grigorieva plans on suing the puppet for support.


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