Teneal Goyco Discusses Playing Tiger Woods, Railing Devon James in Bogus Sex Tape

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To the surprise of no one, it turns out the Tiger Woods sex tape being promoted by Devon James is a fake - according to the dude who co-starred in it!

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    Damn thats messed up!!! But for one im glad that he came n told the truth...cause i know as well as everyone tygers a hoe!!! But damn a sex tape? Im glad he had the guts to say he made it instead of the REAL tyger....and o gurl needs to stop its not that seruis...!!!!! Leave tyger alone havent u hoes done enough damage without getting properly told about urselves? ... and o dude is dumb u would have had to pay me alot more than 1000 to dress up as someone else and fuck u infront of ur husband .... And plus he put his freedom on the line for that lil of cash?


    hahah teneal's my boy. this funny


    Very, very few being about 60-70% of married men and 70-80% of married women. As far as the media being racist...BS. Tiger is the biggest pro athlete in the world. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, cheating on his model wife with a multitude of skanky women would have been a huge story no matter what.


    why add more salt to an injury? Its nonsense to try and milk someome out of his $s especially being one of his mistresses. What's wrong with these ladies? God forbid.


    So what! Tiger had sex outside his marriage. How many men can you say NEVER had sex outside their marriages either with another woman or a man? Very, very, very very few. The only reason the public and the media got all moral on Tiger's ass was because we were due for a witch hunt and the new moral weapon of choice was "infidelity". As if Tiger's sexual activity had anything to with golf. What the hell is going on in this pretend puritanical country? And we all know the racists that hate Blacks got a woody off of seeing a successful Black man like Tiger fall from grace. Whatever. Stupid racists. Maybe one of Tiger's golf balls will accidentally knock one on the side of the head and turn him/her unracist.


    People would do anything for money. That was a low blow.

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