Farrah Abraham: A Pregnant Teen Mom Again?

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Farrah Abraham was 16 and Pregnant. Now, is she about to be a Teen Mom ... again!?

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    slut..no mom would give up her kid for a doller ..she need a beat down tell her to come to philly,,,


    I don not think Farrahs a whore however i ithink she is an attention seek and a bit spoiled. She should a preciate what her mother and father are doing for her. I think she is disrespectful and she is lucky to have such fantastic parents who care about her and sophia her daughter instead of bitching and calling her mum stupid. some people would be delighted to have great parents like her and she is such a snub.


    I agree that farrah is a spoilt typical rich kid. She's rude to her parents and treats everyone around her like dirt. If it wasn't for her parents her and Sophia would have NOTHING. Sophia is a real sweetie and it's unfortunate that Derek missed out on being a father. But absolutely...Farrah is a bitch.


    Having sex as a teenager is not a mistake. It is a choice you make. You can't call the sex a mistake without calling the child a mistake. I find it very upsetting that everyone on here that is on Farrah's side is saying "everyone makes mistakes". The mistakes I've made are not trying hard enough my freshman year, saying things I wish I hadn't--but those things don't stay with me my whole life. I'm am not either for or against Farrah. I'm just making a point that choosing to have UNPROTECTED sex as a teenager is not a mistake, it's a choice.


    People get real, Farrah is a whore and we all know it. And @Stephanie, Sophia is not a beautiful child, she indeed looks like a rat. Remember the episode where Farrah, her mum, dad and Sophia were going to the zoo but the car started leaking green shit and the smart assed bitch was blaming it all on her parents? Was that just a normal thing to do it your household? Disrespect your parents and then think you can get away with it!? And when she left the rat on her bed while she looked at herself in the mirror and talked to someone on the phone!? Oh, what a great parent she is. I think Farrah and Sophia should get two cups and drink that slimey green shit that leaked from the car bcoz thats all that they deserve in life. And maybe you should join them if your that deluded that she SUCKS at being a mother.


    For starters do not judge a person just because they had their baby young I have mine when I was 15 that dose not mean that his life is horrible or I'm disrescpful everyone makes mistakes so your comment about having sex young could really offend a lot of people so think before you speak and 2nd I'm going to guess you don't have children or didn't have one young so again don't judge as you don't understand


    Farrah is a disrespectful little bitch. How's ass are yall kissin saying she's a good mom? She got what she deserved. She didn't want anything to do with her baby daddy then wants the world to feel sorry for her?? He's n a much better place not having her burden his life.


    Farrah is a disrespectful little brat. She was the one laid up having sex and pregnant! Not her parents. Her parents try to help her in anyway they can and all she does is get smart and talk to them like they're stupid. If she was so smart, she wouldn't have gotten pregnant in highschool. She needs to respect her parents, especially her mom and be grateful they are helping her in anyway they can. If Farrah was born to my mother, her lips would be laying on the ground some where. I'm sure if it wasn't for that baby, her mother wouldn't have anything to do with her disrespectful self. She should be embarrassed and ashamed by the way she speaks to her parents


    what ever happened to marriage first,children second? i know=AFDC!!!


    Okay kelsy, I think your just jealous because farrah is on tv and shes not on tv for being a whore shes on there to show other teens that is isnt easy to be a mom at that age, I watch teen mom every time it comes on, i dont care if you knew farrah in high school she is doing the best she can as a mother, and obviously has more of a life than you do, your just posting things about her on here...maybe you should put yourself in her shoes then you can talk about her, but untill then you should just keep your oppinion to yourself becuase farrah is a great mom that loves her child and is going to school, so kelsy get a life instead of obsessing over farrah's.

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