Lindsay Lohan: Rehab is Too Expensive!

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Lindsay Lohan dodged a bullet when Judge Elden Fox ordered her back to rehab last week, rather than remanding her into custody for violating probation.

She's still paying the price for her actions, however ... literally.

The troubled star probation report raises doubts about how much longer she can stay at Betty Ford Center, the pricey desert facility she now calls home.

Runnin' Low on Cash

Is rehab hurting Lindsay financially? [Photo:]

Prior to Friday's hearing, LL requested a move to outpatient care after her 30-day stay ended this weekend. But the judge wants her there until January.

By then, she will have been there three months, and a 90-day stay typically costs $53,000. Not a small chunk of change. Jail would've been free. Free!

"[Lindsay Lohan] indicates she can not afford to continue to pay for the treatment program and she needs to work," says the star's probation report.

The oft-rehabbing wreck believes "her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product," the probation report states.

But a source says Lohan can work on her 6126 line from rehab, and even had a meeting for her fall 2011 collection with business partner Kristi Kaylor.

"Lindsay is still seeing income from the line, and it's doing three times better than expected," the source says. "It's keeping her busy and productive."

Lohan also had a movie set to begin filming in November, presumably the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, and says she'll lose that money due to rehab.

Other reports have suggested the film will wait for her release, however, casting doubts on how damaging this rehab stint really is to her "career."

After all, what good is she if she can't stay clean and keeps repeating this vicious cycle? Not very. Better to get clean and fully start over when ready.

Besides, there's also Dina's new reality show.

The question is: Can she stay clean?


Addiction is an itch, its a rash that can only be relieved by scratching it. With addiction, scratching means using. For years, rehab is the only place LL has been able to function itch free for 24 hour periods at a time. Coincidentally, rehab is also the only place that has allowed her to be free from the burdens of her parents for 24 hour periods at a time.


Addiction and alcoholism has nothing to do with being spineless or weak. It's a 3 fold disease: Physical, mental and spiritual. Your survey is insulting.

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