Lindsay Lohan Dodges Bullet, Sent Back to Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan dodged a major bullet this morning when Judge Elden Fox ordered her back to rehab until at least January 3, but spared her more jail time.

The troubled star is due back in court February 25, and will be subject to random drug testing in between her release from rehab until that court date.

If Lindsay does not test positive for drugs or alcohol, her sentence will be converted to unsupervised probation. So if she stays clean, problem solved.

Dodging a Bullet

THAT WAS CLOSE: Lindsay Lohan is headed back to Betty Ford, not jail.

The D.A., fed up with Lindsay's baloney, recommended she get 180 days in county jail. The judge could have sentenced her to a year if he deemed it necessary.

However, Fox was sympathetic to Lohan, but at the same time stern. "You are an addict. I hope you understand that," he said. Lindsay nodded in agreement.

"I don't want another train wreck," Fox warned. Asked if she was unclear on the matter, Linds tearfully responded, "No, your honor. I understand. Thank you."

So now the question becomes: Can Lindsay Lohan stay clean?


i wish i had the money that she had I would show her how to live with no problem of drugs and other things... But as always God give the money to people that have no reason to help others and no heart. ..I know that I would do wonderful things with that money but I will never know cause people like me just don't have that kind of blessing.


She should be sentenced to volunteer work as a teachers assistant or a bus driver in a preschool. Maybe helping children will make her want to find her innocence again. This could be something that triggers her road to healing.


she needs maximum security lockdown. solitary style, like shawshank. now that'll scare you straight. trust me I've been there.


I used to think she might have a chance at cleaning up her act. But now that's about as stupid as saying Spencer's wife's knockers are real...




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