Joe and Katherine Jackson: Coming to Oprah

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Oprah Winfrey may have just lost Oksana Grigorieva, but she's landed another celebrity interview scoop: Katherine and Joe Jackson sat down with her this weekend.

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    bhikkhu ohm shanti or what ever you call yourself..go to HELL!!



    Zzzzzzzzzzz. Anyone noticed that Michael is dead? Let it rest you moneywankers. And go back to sleep. Are they going to talk about wich color he liked and what a great father he was? And portraying Murray as a devil? Look what a mess Michael caused upon himself when he was alive. And left for his family and whoever else in the world. Go back to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Ohm shanti.


    This is just another money move for all parties involved. There will be absolutely nothing revealed in this interview. Just the same old cliff hanging sing-song. Katherine and Joe are gonna say there was some kind of conspiracy and Michael felt his life was in danger, etc., etc., yada, yada, yada. But they aren't going to give us any new info and they aren't going to say who was behind it all or address the mysteries surrounding his "death". It's just another way to make money and keep his name in the public eye without revealing squat. This is a show business family and its all about the money. Always has been, always will be. See it for what it really is. BORING!!!


    Joe and Katerine are typical husband and wife, they have children together just because you are separated doesn't mean that you have to be ememies. Speaking of Oprah she make get the viewers to look at this segment, but she probaly is paying lots of money to get this interview.


    a year and 4 months after michael's death people are still trying to make money off of him..what a big story for oprah!! love you michael rest in peace..


    This REALLY pisses me off - sleeping with the enemy!


    There were problems with relationships in the Jackson family as there are in most families. I wish the best for them all. I believe Michael came to a point where he forgave his father. I know Michael was giving money to Joe while he was alive. I see no reason as long as Katherine and Michael's children are well provided for that Joe to be totally shut out of the money. Michael lived by God's word. It says to take care of your parents. Michael would want his actions, heart, and money to do just that. God's will be done.


    There is NO ONE better than the Jackson 4 to do Michael's songs. I am glad that Jermaine sang Michael's songs it is a tribute to Michael. Yes he isn't as good at it as Michael was especially on some songs BUT I would rather him and his brothers them sing the songs than other people because they will change them to try and claim them. I hope we see more of the Jackson brothers singing their hits and Michael's in the future. Other singers will try and change Michael's songs in some way to make them their own. I hate it when they do that and most of the time thry are not as good. I want Michael's songs to stay Michael's and to be done the way he did them as much as possible, otherwise, they ruin them. Michael did his songs as perfectly as God would allow.


    The will is suspicious, and the people who surrounded Michael in his final days obviously didn't have his best interest at heart when they irresponsibly booked the 50 year old for 50 high caliber shows. If Katherine can tolerate Joe, he must not be as bad as the people on the outside looking in are reporting. But who wants to be the black sheep and discuss Joe and Brian Oxmans points, right?

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