Oksana: Seriously, I Didn't Leak the Mel Tapes!

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The Mel Gibson rants. They need no introduction. Vile, expletive-laden tirades such as those would be shocking from any human being, let alone an acting legend.

But Oksana Grigorieva, Mel's ex-girlfriend, source of baby mama drama and recorder of said rants, adamantly denies she's the one who made the tapes public.

If you say it enough times, you start to believe it, right Oksana? Sadly, the public you're trying to convince likely just assumes the opposite - you're lying.

YAWN: Oksana's hourly bashing of Mel contains nothing new.

"I've never leaked those tapes," she says of the infamous audio that surfaced in July, in which Mel rages against her in a series of explosive phone calls.

She says she does not know how the tapes surfaced, and also denies that she ever attempted to extort any money from Mel Gibson. Both likely stories.

Come on. Mel is a hateful moron who needs serious help, but hasn't been charged with a crime, and there's plenty of evidence of Oksana bilking him.

An L.A. Sheriff's investigation is underway as to whether Grigorieva attempted to extort millions from Gibson in exchange for keeping the tapes private.

Meanwhile, the L.A. district attorney is determining whether to charge Gibson with domestic violence in an alleged attack on Oksana back in January.

Unlike her unscrupulous PR offensive, Gibson's attorneys have taken the opposite tack and declined comment about Grigorieva’s interview with People.

Grigorieva maintains that her primary focus is the couple's 1-year-old daughter Lucia, who lives with her mom but sees her dad nearly every other day.

"I'm fighting for my daughter," says Oksana, who split with Mel earlier this year. "He needs to understand that and stop destroying me and my name."

Why is she speaking out so publicly?

"I would like for people to know the real Mel Gibson," she says. "Even though he's rich and famous, he's a bully ... And I want other women that are in my situation to stand up to the bullies, even though it's difficult and scary."

Who's being bullied more, though? Choose your side:

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