Heidi Montag's Mom Now Working as Maid

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Earlier this week, we heard from Audrina Patridge's mom, Lynn, who drunkenly declared that her class act daughter's a star who's "going to f*%king rise!"

Other Hills moms aren't feeling so enthusiastic about the future.

Calling Off the Divorce

Darlene Egelhoff, who famously disapproved of daughter Heidi Montag's plastic surgery (and husband, and lifestyle) on the show, is now estranged from her. She's also fallen on hard times and is battling to make ends meet.

Darlene Egelhoff with Speidi in happier times.

After her restaurant closed after 21 years, Egelhoff now cleans houses as a maid in her native Crested Butte, Colo., she told Inside Edition Thursday.

Egelhoff admits some of her clients recognize her from The Hills.

"That's very humbling for me and I appreciate it because I don’t ever want to get full of myself and think I’m too good to do anything," Darlene says.

The reality mom says she hasn't spoken to or seen Heidi Montag since she debuted her new face/body in a tense visit to Crested Butte on The Hills.

That was more than nine months ago. Egelhoff has even launched a personal blog, Metamorphosis of a Mother, in the hopes of Montag reading it.

This assumes Heidi can even read, but we admire the effort.

Darlene's website calls itself "A mother’s support and encouragement blog focused on personal growth, self discovery, igniting passions, happiness, faith, adventure and the importance of an identity apart from our children."

Heidi, just wait until Spencer Pratt runs an errand and call her already. We know he's probably got surveillance cameras on you at all times, but still. Take a risk. Life's too short to distance yourselves from the ones you love.

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Heidi and Spencer, have you ever thought of getting a job as a waiter/waitress? or a cashier job at a super-market? You can't just hang around waiting for a phone call from your agent. It may come & it may never come. Stop living on someones hospitality, in other words, STOP SPONGING. Get a job.


Good job Darlene! It's nice to see someone that realizes any honest job in which you can make your way in this world is a good job.