Tabloid: Ashton Kutcher Has "Tender" Affair with... This Girl!

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Is Demi Moore being Punk'd? The actress seems to think she's in a stable marriage, but Star Magazine swears otherwise.

For the second time in a month, that tabloid has accused Ashton Kutcher of cheating on his beautiful spouse. First, it was just a make-out session with some random blonde. Now, it's full-on tender intercourse with a girl he met at a bowling alley!

Cheating Cover

The publication claims Kutcher got the number of a 21-year old while actually out with Moore and step-daughter Rumer Willis at Lucky Strike Lanes in July. Days later, she was allegedly taking it from the actor on a couch in the home he shares with his wife.

Says the unnamed woman who totally exists: “I felt totally comfortable in his arms. It was tender and nice - not some random sex act.”

That's a nice thing to say. This imaginary woman seems much sweeter than the made-up mistress with whom Brad Pitt is cheating on Angelina.

Replies the actor's lawyer to this story:

"Star Magazine continuously publishes lies about Ashton Kutcher and many other celebrities. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time they engage in reckless conduct."


After looking at this magazine cover, I had to laugh. I honestly think the resemblance between the alleged 'other woman' and Angelina from Jersey Shore is striking. I mean, I do think that someone from Jersey Shore is a pretty good candidate to be the other woman in a relationship, considering the basis of the show is to have lots of sex and do laundry so there you go! (??) Demi Moore looks amazing, especially being in her late 40s. Ashton married a woman much older than him, so has always found her beautiful. I don't know why that would suddenly change now in favour of a random girl who looks like Angelina. Anyone who looks like someone from Jersey Shore describing 'not some random sex act' is pretty funny though.


Oh yeah. Believe her. Who can't make stories to get names on the mag these days?


Demi and Ashton are a wonderful couple and are happy. I can see where everyone would be jealous because they onviously have what they dont. Demi and Ashton need to stay strong and not let these lies from lame freaking people destroy their marriage!

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