Justin Bieber on CSI: Watch Now!

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We know he can sing, and we know he can make out with Jasmine Villegas in the backseat of a car... but can Justin Bieber act?


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    justin bieber is talented and awesome and if u have him it doesnt alwayse mean your jellous but please keep it to yourself and not go on stuff that has to do with justin bieber and write mean things that just makes everyone misribal and why would u spend your time on something u hate that much just leave him alone and stop the hate please it can get verry anoying so please stop


    I agree with Ashley.


    Just to inform all those haters, SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTHS!!!!!about Jb. Hes just an inisint teen that just lived his dream singing caree!!!!!!!


    Im just going to say that if dont like jb you dont have to, its your opoinion.=D But you dont have to say crap about him!!!! :(


    Im just going to say that if dont like jb you dont have to, its your opoinion.=D


    my sis's b-day is on jb's birthday


    hey people stop calling j.b names becuz he can help u one day for all the people who hate jb go dead a bush and kiss my ass


    Idk y people say others hate jb cuz dey jelous. haTE HATE HIM AND I AINT JEALOUS. HE CANT SING OR ACT and gurls dink he all dat. there is NOTHING to even envy him. so all u guys who hate jb good. dont let no 1 give u crap about beeing jelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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