Justin Bieber on CSI: Watch Now!

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We know he can sing, and we know he can make out with Jasmine Villegas in the backseat of a car... but can Justin Bieber act?

That was the question heading into last night's CSI season premiere, as the young artist took on the dramatic role of troubled teen Jason McCann on the CBS drama.

Did you catch Bieber in action? If not, we've got a look at the star in character below; first in still images, and then via a clip:

CSI Stint
Justin as Jason
The Biebs on CBS

Click on the above images to enlarge shots of Justin on CSI, and watch a scene of his acting debut now:


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I agree with Ashley.


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Im just going to say that if dont like jb you dont have to, its your opoinion.=D But you dont have to say crap about him!!!! :(


Im just going to say that if dont like jb you dont have to, its your opoinion.=D


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