Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes Sucks at Parenting, Life

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The Brandi Glanville-LeAnn Rimes feud is still going on, and it's getting uglier still, with new allegations about the latter's parenting of the former's kids.

LeAnn recently gave an interview defending her railing of Eddie Cibrian while he was married to Brandi (and while Rimes was married to Dean Sheremet).

Tension was already high, as you would expect. But when LeAnn took Brandi and Eddie's 7-year-old son Mason to the ER and didn't tell her? Look out.

"Flew home to see Eddie & the lil one's and ended up in the ER! Everybody's fine, just a minor kiddo accident. Boys will be boys!" LeAnn Tweeted.

Brandi Glanville says she was shocked she had to learn about the incident via Twitter. "All I know is I didn't get a phone call," she tells E! News.

"Poor choice. Bad parenting."

Glanville, who was so steaming mad at their affair that she slashed his tires last year, says she eventually found out her son had split his chin.

"I don't know how exactly it happened, but Mason told me LeAnn had oil on her hardwood floors and he fell," she added. "Eddie didn't bother to call me."

"I showed up to Mason's soccer game that day only to get a text from Eddie after saying Mason wouldn't be playing since he was in the ER all morning."

A Rimes rep says it was "a minor slip" and that "Eddie and LeAnn were with him the whole time, and he is all smiles now. Still, Brandi's "disappointed."

"I'm the mother of these two boys and if we're going to co-parent, we have to do that together," she says. "It's not call me after."

She also sats it wasn't the first time her kids have been hurt under Rimes' eye: Jake, 3, sustained an injury while playing on the singer's tour bus.

"The last time they had the boys, Jake ended up getting seven stitches," she says. "I had to call in a plastic surgeon to stitch up Jake's forehead."

Does she think her boys are in danger?

"The only thing that's in danger is our co-parenting relationship if [LeAnn] keeps involving herself and doesn't allow [Eddie] to call me," she says.

Rimes shot back on Twitter, writing: "To be really honest, it's not her place to tell me how to be. I respect her as their mom, but she has to understand they're in my life. I can talk about my life just like she can [talk] about her's.

"Just so you know, she has never spoken to me. This IS my life too and they are in it 50% of the time ... I've stepped into a very tough, but rewarding role ... I treat those boys like they are my own because that's how I love."

Choose your side:


And, threw a sweet little 13 year old girl under the bus. Leann Rimes is a skank.


brandi is a horrible mother, she does a ton of drugs and has numerous amounts of STD spreading sex that could contaminate a whole country. she needs to get off of tv or anywhere else that we would have to see that ugly mug of hers


" I treat those kids like my own cause that's how I love" apparently she was treating Eddie like he was her own too when he wasnt and thats how the problem started.. This girl needs to learn boundaries. Eddie a's well.


My opinion is that Brandi gave birth to the children and up until a year ago they were a family, no LeAnn in the how is it fair for LeAnn to come in and say that she is like a mom and what is or isnt her place to do with those children? If the child has injuries to the point they need to see a doctor, both parents should be notified, I am sure the father would want to be notified and would be if Brandi had to rush the kid to the ER. It personally just agitates me, that they cheated and now they have no respect for the childs mother, and why go on the internet and "tweet" about it?? If you were that concerned you shouldve let the parents handle it. Just because you are sleeping with their father it doesnt give you rights to the children.


There shouldnt even be a poll for who is on whom's side in this issue. It's not about Brandi It's not aboue Leanne. It's about these kids and currently all 3 "adults" are co parenting so they all need to grow up and parent!


Love Leanne but she needs to grow a brain and stop thinking like a child. She is now a step parent and is a daily influence on these children's lives. She needs to respect Brandy as their bio mom regardless of their personal differences. Eddie needs to step up to the plate too and take care of business after all he's their dad. He should be trying hard to keep the peace between these 2 ladies if he wants a peaceful relationship with the ex and his kids.


Another thing here, LeAnn is leaving herself wide open for lawsuits here. She's also a songwriter and a talker. She really better watch what she writes and says as she's exposed in
a whole different way then a regular person. When the blush is
off the rose things change. She needs to watch where she steps.


LeAnn can be who she is or wants to try to be but only if it does NOT cross over the bounds into someone else's rights.
Their father is only 1/2 of the equation. Their mother is THEIR parent and should be called immediately any time there is an injury or serious incident where parents are to be present. It
is not LeAnn's place to interject herself. She is way out of bounds and her place. If this can't be worked out between them then Brandi has no choice but to seek out her lawyer. I can't imagine Eddie being so irresponsible. Maybe he wasn't responsible enough on CSI Miami either!


leann's a home wrecker and if that was me i wld kick her >>> for even having the nerve to post somethng abt MY kid on twitter.... and the ex hubby deserves a kick in the >>>>> for allowing it all to go down like that! if that were me I wld say: control ur woman and put her in her place... no matter what u were married to me first and those are our BOYS.... not hers.... oman I cldnt put up with all that... smh @ these hollywood ppl lol


No use singing the blues LeAnn. When you took up with Eddie who was still married to Brandi,and the father of two small children,
you opened yourself up to all the "just" rewards that are now coming your way.

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