Brandi Glanville Warns LeAnn Rimes: Eddie Cibrian's Totally Gonna Cheat on You Too!

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Brandi Glanville, the scorned wife of Eddie Cibrian, has a message for his infamous mistress, LeAnn Rimes: Don't think you're the only one he'll screw around on.

When Eddie left his model wife, Brandi, for singer LeAnn last year after their affair was exposed by celebrity gossip tabloids, it took her a long time to move on.

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She even went Carrie Underwood on him. And she'll never forget.

“I don’t know how she deals with it, that he was lying to both of us,” Brandi, who still lived with him for three months after his affair was exposed, tells In Touch.

“There was no lull in our sex life” until the scandal broke, she adds, making the point that their marriage wasn't broken as far as she knew - he's just duplicitous.

Brandi Glanville: Not a fan of Eddie Cibrian. Or his girlfriend.

“They’re cheaters,” she says. “I hope he gets help, but if he’s a cheater, he’s going to cheat forever. The great thing is, it doesn’t affect me anymore. I’m done.”

Though she says their equal custody is “really like 60/40” with Eddie so often away, her sons, Mason, 7, and Jake 3, have grown close to dad’s new girlfriend.

“They talk about her all the time,” admits Brandi, who LeAnn wants to back off. “Initially, it was difficult, but she seems to be a positive influence in their life.”

Brandi Glanville has moved on with a new boyfriend herself, and she’s confident she and her ex can have a civil relationship. “I know Eddie loves me," she said.

"I’m the mother of his children. But it’s a different kind of love. I do have resentment, but I wish him well. I hope we can all be friends one day, to be honest.”


Why do people say others are ugly when they are not? Jealousy?


Once a cheat always a cheat. Eddie will never stay 'true' to Leanne. She might as well get used to the idea. There is NO way they will still be together in 5 years. Whether there was a reason or not to stray in his marriage, Eddie should have taken the high road and left that marriage before he took up with Leanne and she should have used her head better than she did. If she was unhappy in her marriage to Dean she could have packed up and left at anytime. There was no reason to cheat.


Eddie was looking for something that Brandi could not give him. We can't be naive in thinking that married spouses are going to be eternally happy. That is nonsense. Eddie found someone else, he is happy, so move on Brandi and for heaven's sake-GET A LIFE!


LeAnn is such a whore. And, to boot, she's an ugly whore. She's not even creative anymore. She hasn't made a descent album in years and fucks Cibrian and makes a "cover" album of dumb shit. Eddie's only with her because the wifey wouldn't take him back. And, when he got all upset and wanted to dump LeAnn because he can't keep a job because of his fucking around, LeAnn begs him to stay with her by offering him her money. She is such an ugly whore.


Brandi is a beautiful woman. There is no doubt about that. How EC could leave her for a skanky looking twit is beyond understanding, but MONEY talks. It was saying to Eddie , you can always close your eyes. eddie , if you had any self respect for yourself and the mother of your children "the woman you chose to be the mother of your kids and they are beautful kids" you would grow a pair and get out on your own and never ever get married again


As I have said before, but think it bears repeating---"ain't it hell when the mistress finds out the lover boat has been having sex with his wife while he was having sex with her "the mistress". I guess he needed to store up some of the good stuff before he moved in with squinty-eyed twitter addict


this crazy woman needs to get a job


gaj(aka cbme) We know that Leann does not "know diddly about much of anything" because if she had common sense she would have fired you a long time ago. It's a given that your services are going to make the backlash against Leann grow even more. We know that Leann is a dog next to other women, hence why she sleeps with married men and pays these men with money. What is this a "fan" who makes fun of other's or tries to give them English lessons? Thanks for outting yourself CBME. Seriously, you can stop blaming BG as Leann has shown the world, Leann is Leann's own worst enemy.


Hi CBME.Yeap folks, because LR fanbase is just that low, CBME has been going from site to site posting under 10-30 different names to make it look like LR has fans. The "Let's trash BG because it's the only way to make LR look like a decent person" posters (aka gaj, Crissy, and ommpahpha). How interesting that LR and EC receive backlash for making out in front of his kid and the next thing we know, LR tries to deflect by having her pr person trash BG on these sites.


That is one ugly chick, Brandi, I mean. MAN FACE!!!!!

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