Brad Womack to Star on The Bachelor ... Again!

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Austin bar owner Brad Womack starred as The Bachelor in 2007, infamously leaving both Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft behind on an emotional season finale.

Now, he's reportedly going to take another crack at reality TV love! According to reports, Brad has signed on to star on the new season, beginning in January.

Brad Womack and Chantal O'Brien

"All signs are pointing to Brad being the next Bachelor," Steve Carbone, a.k.a. Reality Steve, reports, noting that this long-running rumor is basically a done deal.

It sounds ridiculous, but the show has earned record ratings ever since Brad rejected DeAnna, who rejected Jason Mesnick, who rejected Jillian Harris, who nixed Jake, who rejected Ali Fedotowsky (sort of). So in a way, he started it all!

The show believes recycling people is what works, but really? Do people still care about Brad Womack? Apparently enough for ABC to contemplate this twice. Brad reportedly was approached before Jake last season and turned it down.

Bachelorette runner-up Chris Lambton passed up the role, as predicted, opting to return to his normal life on Cape Cod instead. Admirable, albeit unusual. Which leaves us with The Bachelor star from three seasons ago. Amazing.

What do you think of Brad Womack as the next Bachelor?


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Brad is hot... Of course I'll watch I've been watchin' Bachelor/ette 4 yrs.. he's a gud choice and everyone who's wathches bachelor will tune in... Hope he finds true love.. u can't hate a man 4 bein' honest wit his feelings...


hey there my name is amy and i have been following the bachelor and the bachelorette since it first came on and i like all of them including the bachelor pad i even recorded some of them so yes i would watch brad womack again everybody deserves a second chance at love so why is everybody give him a hard time i think he is cute so why put him back on there i think it is a good idea


I honestly don't know why he would have to "change" anything. He didn't have a marriage connection with either of the two remaining women and decided (instead of being phony, going into a loveless marriage, possible children born into dysfunction & an inevitable divorce) to not pick anyone. I myself while watching that season, thought "OMG how could he do that." But he (for all that reality tv is) did the right thing. It does ere on the side of impossibility that you would find romance in such a forum, but damnit, I've know many a great relationship to be made under the most unlikely of circumstances. Plus the man (in my opinion) Is HOT as hell and I for one will definitely be watching. :)


Don't want to watch a re-run. Will not be watching this season.


I will certainly be watching because Brad is easy on the eyes!! At least he didn't pull a Jason Mesnick. I wish him the best!


brad! get this stupid blond outta here


Oh brother, can't ABC find ONE eligible bachelor that hasn't already been on the show? Brad Womack isn't a catch at all. I won't be watching. The show is pathetic, unveiling people with pathetic lives.


I keep asking myself why I watch the show, but if Brad is indeed the new Bachelor , I will not watch the new season. It's hokey enough with the rejects being selected for the next season. They were supposed to have been 'in love' with the person rejecting them and then 6 weeks later they're appearing on the next season


Why in the hell do they have to cast a guy who's ALREADY been 'the bachelor'!?!??? Once is ENOUGH. How uncreative can they get????


ABC has to be crazy to recast Brad. He's a psycho. I can't believe they couldn't get Chris Lambton to sign on. What a shame. Guess I will be skipping this season.