Tiger Woods Divorce From Elin Nordegren: Final!

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Break out the champagne and the motherf*%kin' condoms, and dial up every cocktail waitress you know, 'cause Tiger Woods is officially back on the prowl. Holla!

After months of separation and living separate lives, the marriage between Tiger and Elin Nordegren Woods is officially over. Finalized. Done. They are both single.

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The couple signed the papers in Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Fla., earlier today. As predicted, the details of Tiger Woods' divorce were not released.

"We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future," the pair said in a joint statement released by Nordegren's law firm.

"While we are no longer married, we are the parents of two wonderful children and their happiness will always be of paramount importance to both of us."

P.S. You have my number, Joslyn James!

FREE AT LAST: Tiger and Elin Woods' divorce is final.

"The primary focus of our amicable discussions has been to ensure their well-being. The weeks and months ahead will not be easy for them as we adjust to a new family situation, which is why our privacy must be a principal concern."

The terms of the settlement was undisclosed, but reports have suggested Elin will get $100 million in assets, along with primary physical custody of the kids.

Sources have previously said that custody was the key issue for both, and that the couple wanted to share custody of their two children, Sam and Charlie.

Whatever the terms are, they have likely changed recently. Sources say that although Elin had signed a prenup, it was renegotiated, and Eiin given wide latitude after the Rachel Uchitel sex scandal derailed Tiger's life and career last November.

The couple tried to make a go of it in the ensuing month, with Tiger completing a stint in sex addiction rehab. But his return to golf this April, coupled with the sheer volume of mistresses he piled up, were reportedly too much for Elin.

A source close to Elin Woods says she is relieved that the issue is at last resolved: "She's feeling okay about all this. She's been through hell but handled herself with such dignity. And now she's got a whole new life ahead of her."

As for Tiger? He can't shoot under par anymore, but on the bright side, with the divorce finalized, he can go out and shoot ... you know what, forget it.


Living a full and happy life is the best revenge.Take the high road Elin. Finish your eaodctiun and become a child psychologist your kids will have to go through some rough times in the future and they will need a strong mom -.Leave this jackass in the gutter where he belongs. You were tooooooooo good for him and you deserve so much better than what this hypocrite gave to you.Take care of yourself and your gorgeous kids and remember this mess has nothing to do with you. Cheaters are weak individuals, selfish and cowards. They should be accountable for their actions .Good luck Elin. Keep it classy like you always did ; you don't need to talk to the media and protect your children from this frenzy. Sam and Charlie are lucky to have at least one decent parent. Much love to you !!!!!! This is Tiger's loss all the way.Let's see if he can find a classy beautiful woman to date in the future. I bet he will always be stuck with the trash.


If this news is true that Tiger and Elin are divorced The tabloid press and various American magazines played an important role in the break-up


the "STD" PORN PRICK is on the road.....look out clinics everywhere!


Pity. Now their children become 2nd class citizens in this country. That's the way it is. Children who live with married couples are viewed and treated differently. It's rarely talked about but it exists. I wish women would be more concerned with their children rather than their pride.


mofo gon be ridin durty tonite!


At last!!


good riddance to tiger and best wishes Elin


Good for her and I wouldn't be shocked if she did leave to Sweden eventually. it's not like he will see more of his kids here than in Sweden with golf games etc and he has the means to jet around loved the warning to coktail waitresses but don't forget his preference is porn stars!

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