Elin Woods to Get $100 Million in Tiger Divorce

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Her divorce all but a formality, Elin Nordegren Woods will very soon walk away from her six-year marriage with Tiger Woods with approximately $100 million.

The completion of Tiger Woods' divorce papers came to light this week after months of speculation over what eventually became a question of when, not if.

A source with direct knowledge says the payout is $100,000,000.

Originally, we had heard that Elin would score $750 million from the golfer, a figure reported by the New York Daily News, MSNBC, the UK's Sun and others.

That number is way, way off ... not that a hundred mill is shabby.

JUST DO IT: Elin Woods will be rid of Tiger, but those Nike royalties remain!

No idea where they got that amount, but it would be hard to pay out that much, given that Tiger Woods, for all his sports godliness, is not even worth that.

His net worth is somewhere between $500-600 million, Forbes says, and they also had a prenup. However, $100 million is more than it would have allotted.

Way more. Guess she had leverage ... a lot of it. Her biggest chip, aside from his 847 mistresses, was confidentiality - the cost of her silence proved steep.

Sources say Elin Woods will also receive child support, but the specific amount is unclear at this time. The $100 million is not speculation, though - it's done.

Not only is she set for life, but Elin can take solace in the fact that Rachel Uchitel scored a paltry $10 million from Tiger to keep her mouth shut. Sucker!


As I sit reading all of ya'll comments..I am amazed at the language...and to think that you all kiss your momma's with that same dirty foul nasty mouth...REALLY!!!!!


I don't condone Tiger Woods cheating or any man for that matter however, 100 million for six years, hell no!! Only a white woman could put that off. A black woman would have got 25 Million and coke and a smile. But this a good lesson for black men that think a white woman won't take you to the cleaners if she can. White women are taught from their fathers at a young age to date and marry successful men hopefully a white man. If she is to be a black man he better be the cream of the crop. Lastly, have you ever in your life seen a rich beautiful white woman marry a poor black man? Never, and you never will.


Meh the human race sucks and so do all you gold diggin hos on this site. Not defending the gay failure but all you women do is marry men for their money. I am a troll. Lalalala. Can't wait till the day someone divorces a woman and the dude gets 100% of her money. Lalalala. That will be some mad LOLZ. On top of that, I can't wait til the world ends so trolls like me and stupid ignorants like you have no more internet to post this crap and your failed dreams because you don't get money like Eln de hobag got! Hahahaha!


You bitches and faggets need to all fucking die. Women are bitches. Men are cheaters and liars! The human race is a fucking piece of shit and i'm a lonley guy who wants to fuck many holes! All hail to failed human race. Can wait til we all die! :)


Stop calling Elin names. She didn't cheat on Tiger Woods. He cheated on her. She is entitled to get what she got . She also deserves child support. Her children should not do without anything. Elin and her two children deserves to live the way they were living before the SEX-goddess did what he did. When you get married everything you have belong to each other. He had the best from what I have seen or heard. Tiger should never get married again, because once a cheater always a cheater. Besides he can't get enough sex. He couldn't be true to any woman. Are you happy now Tiger Woods?


Go Elin!! Grab that money from that ugly bastard and live your life! He doesn't deserves you! Hahahaha Tiger is a loser! I can't stand the guy!!


can't she take care of the kids with her 100 million? advice to all men - DON'T GET MARRIED unless she has as much or more money than you - and to all the women that say Elin got "screwed" - really? $100 million for 6 years ? really? whatever happened to women's Liberation? oh yeah, forget about that and just get a good divorce lawyer. 100 million is more than enough for her "pain" and to take care of the kids - the child support money on top of the 100 million is way over the top - plus Tiger bought her a mansion on an island in Sweden too - whatever happened to women trying to make it in the world on their own? all just gold diggers and whores


I'm not taking sides here. Tiger is a immoral chump, Elin is a gold-digger. $100 mil is enough to make Elin feel all better. She didn't earn all Tiger's money, so why should she get it all? (I can't believe I am defending Tiger!)


TO Queen Dulu: You are obviously a divorce and this is totally pissing you off!! You are one bitter woman who needs to get laid-Not all guys are like Tiger and your ex so get over whatever it is that is making you crazy!!


Queen Dulu...you need to get laid tonight honey!!

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