Off to Sweden? Elin Woods Given "Wide Latitude" Over Custody Decisions in Tiger Split

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One of the burning questions surrounding the Tiger Woods divorce settlement is where Elin Nordegren and the couple's children will live once the split is final.

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    None of you people have anything meaningful or perceptive to say but you INSIST on giving all of us your unending, inane and verbose opinions. Stupid "Commenting" jerks -- get a job, why don't you.


    None of you people have anything meaningful or perceptive to say but you INSIST on giving all of us your unending, inane and verbose opinions.

    Stupid "Commenting" jerks -- get a job, why don't you.


    Tiger doesn't really care about Elin or his kids. If he did he wouldn't have exposed them to possible aids or std's. Their lives are worth more than he is offering. She should take the kids to Sweden permanently.He is a sicko!


    Poor Elin. Poor Elin my ass, she's $100 million richer. I think the B planned the whole ordeal. I'll marry this putts and have his children and then wait for him to f--- up. Return to Sweden with my children and his money and raise them well. Talk about a get rich quick scheme. This one was the best. Gold digging hussy.


    He doesn't give a damn about his kids. If he truly loves them he would have never ever done the nasty things he did. But he got caught so now he wants to play the sympathy card.
    Can't believe there are stupid idiots who fall for this jackass.
    Obviously he's great at golf so he can't do no wrong.


    Didn't Tiger meet Elin in Sweden? It seems he took her away from her home country. He relentlessly pursued her until she agreed to go out with him. It seems she and the children would be better off in Sweden. Tiger can fly in his private jet to go see them anytime, inbetween golfing and having orgies with his girlfriends.


    Well said CLB


    Elin got what she wanted, and Tiger got her out of the way. Now he can golf and boink his life away. Good for him.


    I cannot imagine Tiger allowing Elin and the children to live full time in Sweden.
    Elin herself has said that Tiger loves his children and is a good father. Despite what he has done to Elin, she wants Tiger to have access to them and wants him to be able to see them on a regular basis.


    I would not be surprised if Elin, eventually, decides to stay in Sweden permanently with the children especially after they start to attend school. After all, Sweden is Elin’s country and it is there where they have the love and support of family and friends. Tiger has the economic resources to visit the children anywhere they live. I think that in Sweden Elin and the children can live a more normal life and get privacy from the frenzy media that have hounded them relentlessly for endless months. It is time for Elin and the children to move on from this horrid period in their life and enjoy life again! I wish Elin and her precious children all the best!

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