Joslyn James is a porn star who alleges she had an affair with Tiger Woods. Then again who hasn't done that! As you can tell by this...

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Former Tiger Woods mistress and pornographic star Joslyn James has been a bad, bad girl ... and not in a hot way. She's way behind on child support payments.

  • Veronica Siwik-Daniels
  • T-I-G-E-R

In fact, Double-J with the Double Ds is on a government "Most Wanted" list for bailing on nearly $20,000 in payments she's supposed to cough up for her son.

Joslyn James (real name Veronica T. Siwik) has a 14-year-old son, and since she was the breadwinner at the time, was ordered to pay support to the dad.

Instead, she screwed him ... and again, not in the hot way she screwed Tiges.

According to the Washington State Division of Child Support, she owes $18,419.86, good enough to break the Top 100 of the state's 370,000+ child support cases.

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Vivid Entertainment's newest movie, 3 Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World's Greatest Golfer, stars Devon James, Joslyn James and Holly Sampson - three acclaimed adult "actresses" who made national headlines as being mistresses of Tiger Woods.

Award-winning director (LOL) B. Skow brings the women together for an in-depth Q&A session, which generates explicit discussions and on-screen demonstrations of what intercourse was like with Tiger ... followed by pornographic reenactments.

3 Mistresses

"Any time you can get three women to sit down together to talk about the same guy the results are going to be more than interesting," said Skow.

"These women also happen to have sex for a living, and so if they've been with the same guy, you can be sure they'll share absolutely everything."

The film, released this week, includes the following disclaimer to ward off legal action from Woods, who just won his first tournament since 2009:

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Tiger Woods' rampant cheating on Elin Nordegren was a very sad story in terms of his family breaking up, and the tarnishing of one of sports' most beloved icons.

But it's been pretty entertaining in other ways.

Two of his skanky mistresses are now going to the police and complaining of death threats ... against each other. Ah, the lives of Devon James and Joslyn James.

Yes, Tiges cheated on Elin with Devon (left) and Joslyn James.

Joslyn went to the LAPD Tuesday and filed a report, claiming Devon, who infamously attempted to fake a love child and Tiger Woods sex tape, threatened her life.

Devon emailed James, via her manager, this: "Trust me I will swear to u kill over this. Oh yeah wait to u c wat ur prize has comming! Joslyn u should b scared."

The feud stems from a Tiger porn spoof starring both. Joslyn says Dev stole money from her on set. Her parting shot: "No wonder Tiger dummmppped her ass."

"God if u saw her face when the cameraman said how f*ing hot I looked," Devon says, adding this poignant gem: "And I quote 'Devons made the money shot.'"

That'll show Joslyn. The LAPD is investigating.

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Did Tiger Woods' then-wife Elin Nordegren try to confront Joslyn James about her filthy affair with the golfer? That's what the trashy mistress is claiming.

Joslyn, one of the more notorious Tiger Woods mistresses, claims Elin went to three different strip clubs in a bid to confront her about the affair this year.

“Each time she showed up I wasn't there,” Joslyn, real name Veronica Siwik-Daniels, recalled to Steppin’ Out. “When I was in Atlanta, Elin came and saw me."

Veronica Siwik-Daniels

Joslyn James (left) says Elin Nordegren was hunting her down.

"When she arrived I was on stage. I didn't hear about it until later, the next day. He [Tiger] was in Augusta. She went to two other clubs looking for me."

"I honestly think she wanted to talk to me and had something to ask me. She came to the club. I heard she had something she wanted to talk about."

Wonder what that could be? Reports suggest that Joslyn James' affair with Tiger, specifically, was a catalyst in Elin Nordegren divorcing him this spring.

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When Tiger Woods mistresses engage in a war of words, and threaten physical violence against each other, it is far from pretty - and far from unfunny.

Devon James has reportedly threatened to kill Joslyn James as the ongoing feud between two of Tiger's most infamous porn star bed buddies intensifies.

In an email sent via a mutual friend, Devon threatened Joslyn and likened the latter James' broken heart at the hands of Tiger to "her botched boobs."

Joslyn James Cleavage

Devon James (left) is not a fan of Joslyn James.

"Trust me I swear to you I will kill over this," Devon James, who also lied and accused Tiger Woods of knocking her up 10 years ago, wrote to Joslyn.

The feud erupted after the pair signed to shoot a porn flick about their sex-capades with the golf superstar, according to a friend of both (who we pity).

While on set, Joslyn accused Devon of stealing cash from her purse. "That's when Devon flipped out and wrote the threatening email," the source said.

Devon wrote to Joslyn James: "I will never be set up like this. Oh yeah and wait til (sic) you see what your prize has coming! Joslyn should be scared."

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Tiger Woods' most vocal mistress says she got the shaft in more ways than one during her recent stint shooting a Tiger porn spoof - another mistress stole her loot!

Seriously, she alleges this.

According to Joslyn James, she was on the San Fernando Valley set for Vivid's upcoming porn Three Mistresses when another mistress in the Tiger skin flick allegedly went into her purse and snatched a $100 bill, a bracelet and a cell phone.

Joslyn James claims that Devon James (no relation, except sexual relations with Tiger Woods) was in the room with full access to her purse while she was shooting.

Joslyn James just wanted to film a porn spoof of her affair with the world's most famous athlete in peace. Then look what happened while she worked some guy's piece.

Joslyn is apparently serious, as she strutted into an LAPD office yesterday to file a police report accusing her rival porn star and mistress of stealing her stuff.

She claims Devon made out with $750 worth of stuff.

It was Joslyn who famously leaked the golfer's nasty text messages in March, before his return to the sport and right around when his marriage unraveled.

Couldn't happen to a better person!

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If there's anything worse than being outed for X-rated dalliances with porn stars and other assorted sleazy women, it's them going on tour to remind everyone of it.

Is this a great country or what?

Bad Teacher

Yes, three of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses, one of Jesse James' cheating partners and women tied to David Boreanaz and even Reggie Bush are coming together.

No pun intended.

Stars like Joslyn James, Holly Sampson and Devon James (Tiger) are teaming up to tour the U.S. and remind everyone of his lowest moments. With reinforcements.

Remember Devon James? No? She's Tiger mistress #1,145! Come on!

Melissa Smith (Jesse), January Gessert (Reggie) and Demi Delia (Boreanaz, apparently) and others will appear at the "eXXXtacy 2010" convention in Chicago in July.

The roving band of porn stars is planning to blow into other cities as well, reports Joslyn's manager Gina Rodriguez, herself an alleged mistress of David Boreanaz.

Man that guy got around. So underrated.

Rodriguez tells us she's booked the cheaters circus for the next few months, not unlike Joslyn's traveling strip show, although she wouldn't reveal specific dates.

Please, tell us Orlando is on the list.

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Tiger Woods once texted that he wanted to choke, spank and pummel Joslyn James. Rachel Uchitel may want to do the same, albeit in a slightly different way.

Appearing on TMZ Live Friday to discuss her affair with David Boreanaz (classy), Rachel accused Joslyn of using her exploits with Tiger to become a celebrity.

Which is true, but that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

Calling Uchitel a hypocritical liar, Joslyn James responds: "I find it extremely funny that she is choosing to bash me in saying I am now making a career for myself from Tiger. Oh yeah, that's right. She got PAID by Tiger to keep her mouth shut."

Also true. Keep it going, ladies!

Joslyn James (Veronica Daniels)

Meow! The claws are out between Rachel Uchitel and Joslyn James!

"I find it funny that she says she was 'well known' before Tiger," James added. "I never heard of her before that. I was an actress and a dancer ... I gave that up because I was fooled in a relationship with Tiger, and merely went back to what I was doing."

So basically, she was a porn star, then a Tiger Woods mistress, then a porn star making a Tiger-themed porno based on her stint as a Tiger Woods mistress.

Makes perfect sense to us!

As for Rachel Uchitel, she says the alleged text messages to David Boreanaz (the married star she can still talk about legally), were fabricated and all lies.

"That's not how I talk," she says. "That's just not how we spoke to each other."

She cites an error in the messages that proves her case: "The man knows how to spell his wife's name!" Uchitel insists. "On those text messages that I saw, her name was spelled wrong. Why would he spell his wife's name wrong?"

Uhh, because he was sexting you at the time and the keys are really small?

What's funnier, that two Tiger Woods mistresses are arguing over who's a bigger attention whore, or the fact that one also slept with Bones star David Boreanaz?

Like Joslyn James and Tiger Woods, Rachel insists she was misled by Boreanaz: "I was in a relationship with somebody that made it very clear that he loved me, wanted to be with me, cared very much about me, wanted me to wait for him."

"I didn't see it as this thing where I was trying to break up a marriage."

Right, you just single out married celebrities by coincidence, Rache.

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"I want to treat you rough, throw you around, spank and slap you ... hold you down while I choke you and f*%k that a$$ that I own." - Tiger Woods

When producing a porn parody of her affair with the world's #1 golfer, Joslyn James needn't look further than his actual text messages for inspiration.

You knew it was coming ... on several levels.

Somehow, multiple press conferences coinciding with Tiger’s and strip club appearances held near his golfing events weren't enough for Joslyn James.

The adult film star is filming The 11th Hole, a porno based on the infamous “sexts” the golfer sent her, and named because she was his 11th mistress.

11th Hole

GET IN THE HOLE! Tiger Woods certainly has no problems in that regard.

This is a hilarious title for several reasons:

  • The obvious double entendre
  • No one would ever make the "11th" connection
  • We actually have her listed as his 8th mistress

Anyway, “In sensual and graphic terms, viewers will learn the between-the-sheets story behind the texts Woods sent to James,” says Vivid Entertainment.

The only downside? It was filmed too early for "bulging disk" jokes.

Tiger Woods may have not apologized to Joslyn James for .... whatever it is she wants him to apologize for ... but we’re pretty sure he regrets nailing her.

It really is amazing that Tiger cheated ... and cheated with a porn star ... and texted her all sorts of nasty, dirty thoughts ... and was so dumb to not realize that getting caught would result in that porn star making a porn about the cheating.

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Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James claims she was discriminated against by the Charlotte, N.C., Ritz Carlton, which abruptly canceled her reservation on Friday.

James was going to be in Charlotte as part of her Tiger striptease tour, in which she hilariously books gigs in cities were Woods is hitting the links that weekend.

Too bad the Ritz put the kibosh on her Charlotte trip.

Joslyn James was going to be in Charlotte for a three-day stay ending yesterday. She booked the hotel to stay at after performing at a local strip establishment.

Imagine James' dismay, then, when she landed in Charlotte "after a long and tiring journey from Los Angeles," only to learn the Ritz had nixed her reservation.

Bad Teacher

Poor Joslyn James. Does the Ritz have no compassion?

The hotel says it did so because of she was a high-profile guest and would attract too much media ... but the real reason, posits her lawyer Gloria Allred, is:

Tiger Woods may have been staying at the same hotel.

And, Gloria complains, if Tiger was staying there, "...we are appalled to think [the hotel] might have chosen to accommodate a rich, famous golfer who has admitted lying to his wife ... over a woman whose heart he has broken ..."

LOL. A low-rate porn star, cut-rate stripper adulteress just can't get a break.

NOTE: Tiger missed the cut after a rough start and skipped town early too. The U.S. Open in Pebble Beach begins June 17 ... hopefully Joslyn can get a room.

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