Steven Slater Ends Flight Attendant Career in Hilarious, Illegal Fashion

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After over two decades of dealing with rude airline passengers, Steven Slater finally lost it today.

The JetBlue flight attendant was aboard a recently-landed plane in New York's Kennedy Airport when a woman got up prematurely to remove her baggage from the overhead bin. Slater approached the individual, only to be conked in the head with the suitcase and told to "f-ck off."

He responded by getting on the intercom and saying: "To the f---ing a--hole who told me to f--- off, it's been a good 28 years. I've had it. That's it."

Slater then opened the emergency hatch, grabbed his two carry-on bags - and two beers! - and jumped down the inflatable airplane slide to safety. At least temporarily.

According to The New York Daily News, Port Authority police were alerted to the incident and showed up at Slater's home in Queens, where they found him in bed with his boyfriend. A neighbor says Slater was smiling as the cops walked him away in handcuffs.

He'll be charged with 2nd-and 4th-degree criminal mischief; 1st- and 2nd-degree reckless endangerment and criminal trespass in the 3rd degree; and faces up to seven years in jail.

Sources, and Slater's own MySpace page, confirm that he's battled substance abuse. His father also recently died and he's been taking care of his critically-ill mother. Both parents worked for the airline industry.

Let's all hope Steven Slater walks away from this altercation a free man. After all, as Phil Catelinet, a passenger on the flight, said afterward: "I wish we could all quit our jobs like that."

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i wouldent call him a hero but hes definatly awesome. the guy must have balls the size of baby elephants. shame he didnt slap the cunt first though.
hope he gets off scott free!


Cops, military, and fireman do not equate to hero's.. you can be a hero in any profession.. a lot of cops, military, and fireman have been know to be the complete opposite of hero's on many levels.. as far as slater, he is no hero either. I get peoples desire to support such an act but he gave that b**ch a victory by overreacting and breaking the law, which only gets his ignorant a** in trouble. If he had an ounce of patience he would have figured a much better way to handle this situation. And if it's revenge he wanted, well than he's a complete moron. Revenge could have be done in so many more beautifully subtle ways, with dire consequences to really make her feel his pain. Nuff Said! PX


He is no Hero when did he serve in the miltary? when did he patrol the streets? when did he fight a fire? NONE! He is Queer as a 3 dollar bill he couldn't serve in the armed forces even if he could he is flaming so hot(look at the picture above)you have to have some mental toughness to patrol the streets and fight a fire he has none as we seen he is no hero! what did JetBlue do to him? nothing they gave him a steady income and let his pansy ass sashay up and down their isles doing a job that couldv'e been done by a good looking woman(and no I am not against Gays My neice is a Lesbian and I am proud of her)I take offense he be called a Hero he didn't die serving his country,in the line of duty or fighting a fire, he opened a emergency door slide down a emergency shute and embezzled( 2 beers that was the companys he didn't pay for)and put lifes at risk just because he threw a tiffy and couldn't handle one ignorant Bitch who was probably jealous of his perfume, Hero he is NOT!


Walker, you, my friend, need a "spell check-up"! Lol. Great grammer!


He & Sheriff Joe are my "American Idols"! It's time to stop being so damned nice, Up The Revolution!!!!!


Perfectly said Kris! (Aug 10th @ 11:34)
I agree totally. And passengers accounts are saying he started the foul language. The issue I have with Jet Blue is that it took them something like close to 30 minutes to report this. The guy actually made it out of the terminal, out of the parking lot, arrived home & was "in bed" before police showed up?! What? If the situation had been reversed the passenger would have been face down in hand cuffs before they knew what was happening!
I know what stress is. And my biggest pet peeve is rude people! But calling this guy a hero is a bit much.


I don't think he was in the wrong at all. I worked with the public, and people, this day and age can be very rude, BEYOND rude. Sometimes, enough is a enough. I don't see the big deal, he didn't hurt anyone, he cussed out the person who first of all hit him on the head, and second of all, told him to fuck off when he's a flight attendant? Rediculous. People seriously have no respect for others these days, especially in the workplace. I don't think he should be charged. He's been having a rough time and no damaged was caused and no one was big deal, and get the hell over it those of you who are completely hatin' on this guy.


"Sources, and Slater's own MySpace page, confirm that he's battled substance abuse." "Battled substance abuse"... So much nicer than saying "doing dope". I love that expression. The guy hasn't battled anything, he was just doing dope.


steven is my hero!!!!!!!!!!


God you people are idiots. Get lives!