Steve Slater Pleads Not Guilty, Flight Attendants Rally Around One of Their Own

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Former JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater pleaded not guilty in court today to charges of reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and criminal trespass stemming from his hilariously irate resignation yesterday afternoon.

For those first learning of the story: around noon, Slater, a 20-year veteran of the industry, tried to calmly tell a woman on a flight to remain in her seat until the plane taxied to a complete stop.

She responded by ignoring him and telling him to "f-ck off," a gesture that caused Slater to snap. He got on the intercom, returned the expletives and slid down the emergency chute to safety... until cops picked him up at home a couple hours later.

Using lame reasoning, district attorney DA Richard Brown argued the following in court:

"The emergency chute deploys at 3,000 pounds per square inch within seconds and could easily injure or kill ground crews or others on the tarmac who are unaware the chute has been activated. This would have been a far different arraignment if someone had been standing under the emergency chute when it deployed.”

In response, Slater's lawyer simply wondered why his client was being prosecuted for a hypothetical: "There was no one below the window," when the chute was released, Howard Turman said.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page in Slater's honor has been created - and it already has over 15,000 members! Just like a significant percentage of THG readers, many of them support Steven. Especially the fellow flight attendants.

Wrote one: "Kudos to you, I am a former flight attendant and only wish I had the nerve to do what you did!!!!!!"


Being clobbered by a passenger is enough to make anybody go over the edge! That woman ought to be arrested and charge with assault. I've seen people on a flight behave as poorly as that woman did. They simply do not care whose day they ruin. I was once trapped in the back row of a crowded plane, back-to-back with the restrooms, and had people crowd into the aisle beside me so densely that they were practically suffocating me. In addition to being elbowed in the head, bumped, jostled, and stepped on, one particularly large man was planted in the aisle over me for almost 15 minutes, breaking wind and leaning into my seat area so heavily I was very much afraid he was going to sit on my lap. I was verging into a panic attack and on the brink of pulling a Slater, myself. So, no, I don't blame Steven Slater for his reaction. It was justified.


what if he sold guns, or he was in the military and snapped at someone???
ohh even better what if he was a muslim,
he wouldnt even had been given a trial, str8 into the interrogation room for days


Flight attendants get given SHIT, but that's part of the job. You have to be able to handle it, like in any job that involves dealing with people, and this guy clearly can't. He does not deserve his job back for a second.


I think you are rude and need to deal with people better


I am a flight attendant and mean, rude and disgusting people like that passenger made me absolutely hate my job and I am looking forward to the day I will quit! And unfortunately planes are full of people like that bitch. The funny thing is, that in case of an emergency, they would totally expect the flight attendants to save their fuckin' lives.


I am so with you Steve. I work in customer service and you try your best to be nice to people, but know matter how nice you are they still want to act like butts to you.


About time someone made a stand. I bet this lady(sorry but I cannot for legal reasons use what I want to) feels really stupid, but then again I am thinking like a normal citizen, because people like this are just plain selfish and have never consider how there actions affect other people.
Steve just sue her


We are with you Steven! You are a hero! The mother fucker passenger who did this to you should be charged with crime! The bitch should never be allowed on the plane ever again! Way to go Steven!


There seems to be a major discrepancy in the story - the 6 o"clock news said a passenger hit him in the head with a suitcase they were taking out of the bin . You can see his has a superficial wound on his forehead BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN MUCH WORSE
I do not agree with activating the slide but you know sometimes it just gets to be too much and you lose it .
I know how rude and abusive people can be on airplanes - they take a lot of their frustration with the airline and their ridiculous surcharges and inane policies .. out on the flight crew .
This is a very stressful job now days and these people are not given any respect and definetly are treated poorly .
Shame on the passenger who is responsible for this !!


Why isn't the moronic passenger being charged with reckless endangerment? People like this drive me insane, they think rules don't apply to them. According to other reports she hit him on the head with the bin door. She's the culprit here and judging from the international reaction today 98% of the world agrees with me!
Steve is my new hero.

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