Rachel Uchitel: Shot Down By Jake Pavelka!

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Hey, at least she went after a single guy for once.

Rachel Uchitel, the professional adulteress whose affair helped wreck Tiger Woods' home and nearly did the same to David Boreanaz, is back on the prowl.

Sadly, it looks like she struck out - with Jake Pavelka!

According to an inside source, Uchitel, who met Jake while he was on Dancing With the Stars and she was working as a correspondent for Extra, sent one of Pavelka’s closest friends an email asking to be set up with the newly-single ex-pilot.

Jake said thanks ... but no thanks.

Professional Mistress
Jake P.

Rachel Uchitel wanted a ride on the wings of love. Not to be.

The Bachelor star just parted ways with Vienna Girardi, his airhead final rose recipient on the show, ending their engagement in a public feud for the ages.

Allegations of infidelity, lies, doubts about Jake’s sexual orientation (he says he's not gay) and an explosive interview on The Bachelorette made for a memorably ugly split. No wonder he's not looking to date again just yet.

Still picking up the pieces after the Vienna debacle, the Dallas native wasn't interested in the Celebrity Rehab 4 alum’s advances: “Jake thinks she’s probably a ‘nice girl’ but isn’t looking to date anytime soon,” the source said.

A nice girl? Are we talking about the same Rachel Uchitel?


i think they are both losers! who would get with them? they are fake as pamela anderson's boobs lol


This Rachel chick is what we might call an uber pig. Just a super slut. She would be in that rare group of sludge known as spectacular skanks. Close your friggin legs and be single for a while you ignorant slut. So tired of these pigs that are too afraid to be single or alone for even the shortest amount of time. Stop dating men that are involved, stop trying to date famous people, stop. Fame whore. Selfish, self involved, self obsessed, grabbing, clutching, materialistic dog....wait, you are perfect for this pig I know named Tiger Woods.


Rachel Uglytel is in shock today. She has never been turned down by a man. Wonder if she'll survive? Guess she will after all, she's mainly plastic, not a real human being like Elin.


I think Jake likes "girls" with Adams Apples


Rachel Uchitel is a NOBODY that WANNA BE RICH and IMPORTANT!!! But, everyone already knows who this woman is!!! She is a shameless, immoral W*H*O*R*E* and a married men’s extortionist, who has tried everything to trap a rich$$$ man with her ugly silicone enhanced plastic body and pervert, kinky sex and so far, has failed badly!! She is now desperately portraying herself as a victim, trying to repair her w*h*o*r*e* image but it is too little, too late. She keeps contacting everyone, the tabloids and reality shows, trying at all cost to stay in the news for revenge and spite but her time seems to be running out!!!

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