Glenn Beck Rally Planned for D.C., Stirring Up Controversy

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Glenn Beck and his minions will converge on Washington D.C. this Saturday.

The event, titled "The Restoring Honor Rally," will take place at the Lincoln Memorial and its goal - according to the event's website - is to "celebrate America by honoring our heroes." Simple and harmless enough, right?

But many critics are taking issue with the plan because it falls on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. One must wonder how that icon would respond to the Fox News anchor, who once referred to President Obama as a "racist."

"Whites don't own Abraham Lincoln," Beck said in response. "Blacks don't own Martin Luther King. Those are American icons, American ideas, and we should just talk about character, and that's really what this event is about. It's about honoring character."

Replied Al Sharpton, who is also holding an event in D.C. on the same day:

"When we heard about Glenn Beck, it was puzzling. Because if you read Dr. King's speech, it just doesn't gel with what Mr. Beck or [Sarah Palin, a scheduled speaker who may or may not have ever heard of Dr. King] are representing."

Beck's really is expected to draw approximately 100,000 people. We may attend to get Sarah's thoughts on her daughter's glorifying teenage motherhood by appearing on Dancing with the Stars.


Be smart,Dont ever listen or follow an alcoholic anywhere.


I love and support Glen Beck,God,Jesus,Moses and anyone else that can make it up the mountain to the burning bush.Go Glen,Go God let's take America back for the children ,not the drunk drivers or the soccer moms..


glenns rally for america!This is about americans all colors ,every religous views.Im proud to know there are people who love america as much as i do.Obama ur presidency is proof of how great america is!!! NOW if obama can show love for america??? That would be a truly great day!UR polls wouldnt be sucking mr president


Alveda King, Martin Luther King's niece will be on stage with Beck too so what up with a puzzled Sharpton?


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