Bristol Palin: Cast on Dancing With the Stars!

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Dancing With the Stars was already quietly amassing a solid roster for its upcoming 11th season, but now it's truly outdone itself - Bristol Palin is on board!

Yes, Sarah Palin's 19-year-old daughter, famous only because Levi Johnston knocked her up in 2008, has joined Dancing With the Stars, which premieres Sept. 20.

David Hasselhoff, Audrina Patridge, The Situation and Brandy are said to be in as well, and possibly Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez and Kirstie Alley.

Bristol Palin and the rest of the Dancing With the Stars cast will be unveiled officially during Bachelor Pad next Monday. Are you excited that she's going to be on it?

We don't know why we're surprised, but ... Bristol Palin?! Seriously? And he thought her Secret Life appearance was unscrupulously milking her fame.

At this point, even her ardent fans must admit this is a bit much. We know she's getting paid and supporting her son, but does it set a bad example?

Is there a way to put the usual "positive teen role model" spin on this one? You tell us: Is Bristol going on DWTS right or wrong?




dwts has gone desperate - Bristol has more changes and money than a big majority of single moms- just proves her mom is not interested in politics or she would want her daughter on the show - if Bristol wants to tell teenagers not to do what she did or how tought it is to be a single mom this is the wrong way to do it - tough is living on assitance - no help from baby's daddy or family - that's tough - it's not dancing with the stars any more it's dancing with the has beens and want to be's - you know Sarah will show up hopefully they won't let her open her big mouth - Bristol seems like a decent young lady who made mistakes (not the first or last) but i wish her and expecially her Moose hunting mama would stay in Alaska and leave the rest of us alone / don't look for her to get many voter any way


dancing with the stars how is this young mom a star? did i miss a show or movie or talent somewhere??????????????/


My, my all these nasty remarks about Bristol Palin. Is she somehow a worse mother because of DWTS. How many of the women with children that have appeared on DWTS in the past, would anybody describe them as a 'bad mother.' Look at somebody like Britney Spears as a bad mother and all the stunts she has pulled.


Maybe everyone would like to see Mrs. Obama on there. Haven't you all forgotten the last election? Sarah was NOT running for president, so why not forget about her and move on, too bad she wasn't running and too bad she didn't win. It sure would have been better than what we now have. Everyone knows somebody who made a mistake. The girl is only 19 years old..cut her a break!!


SInce when is she a star of anything?


Never use the term "knocked up" ! It is coarse and degrading!
This is not High School! Get some class.


Yesm we gave Amy Fisher "the Long Island Lolita" writing columns in our local paper about gun control and we have Bristol Palin named th Ambassador against teenage pregnancy. Now we are once again insulted by this child as she is elevated to notarity on Dancing with the Stars. What the heck is wrong with America? We scratch dirt on our leaders....all of them Republicans and Democrats alike and advance our trash and turn them into celebrities.


What is this a modern day Little House on the Prairie doing some jive talking on DWTS??
I wish that Bristol would make up her mind, one week she wants to be a responsible mother with no reality show ties,the next week,
she is a (possible)candidate for DWTS which will generate more publicity than the reactions she has received in the past. She and Levi are supposely avoiding saying negative things about each other publicly,but being on that show is going to turn into a hot box (by Sarah)the minute that Bristol is criticized for her amateur dance steps.The first time that Len Goodman or one of the other judges complain about Bristol's mis-step Sarah is going to blow a gadget,and take it personally. Before, doing and after the show,Bristol is going to be on constant display. At 19 years old, Bristol is not well equiped to handle the pressures and demands of DWTS. Stay tuned!!


Beautiful Bristol Palin is an enchanting, exquisite, energetic, elegant, exciting dancer with star quality in abundance.

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