Bodyguard Group is on Team Oksana Grigorieva

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The majority of THG poll respondents stand with Mel Gibson in his ongoing legal and custody battles with his controversial ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.

We're guessing her bodyguards don't read THG. Their loss.

In any case, the men who are currently protecting her - all U.S. military veterans - are coming to her defense and making it clear they're on Team Oksana.

If you missed it, Oksana alleges he abused her and their eight-month-old daughter, Lucia, in January. Authorities are investigating but haven't charged Mel.

Many are skeptical, but bodyguards believe her. The Bodyguard Group, a referral service for veterans, just posted the following statement on its site:

"The Bodyguard Group has reviewed both versions of events and ALL of our members agree that ONLY Oksana is being 100% honest... We ask that everyone support Oksana and take a stand against all men who abuse women and children."

While it's unusual for bodyguards who don't normally take sides to be so vocal, the post adds, "We could not keep silent after the abuse Oksana suffered."

It is unclear if any bodyguards are the witnesses her attorneys claim saw Mel hit Oksana, but they seem fairly certain the actor was abusive in some way.

Well? Changed your mind yet, Mel supporters?


Mel was Jealous over her? Please. There is nothing desirable about this woman.


Hunh, notice that Mel's pic does NOT say, "get this look." Doubt anyone will be using him to advertise anything anymore. And boy, does he look dreadful - mega lined and FAT.


The proof that this is extortion is that Oksana did not call police, but instead she hired Steve Jaffe, a professional character assassin who engages in public smear campaigns for a living, and handed him the tapes to get them publicized. Steve Jaffe's own website advertises his "expertise" in "media attacks on the reputation of individuals". THAT'S who Oksana contacted first, not the police. THAT's who she gave the tapes to first, not the police. Do the math. Oh yeah, and if the police look deeper they'll find Steve Jaffe has been involved in extortion plots before, and used smear campaigns involving "domestic violence" to extort money. Ask Steve Jaffe about the mysterious murder of the witness who was about to expose him and his client in that case.


Sorry I have a hard time believing Mel would abuse an 8 month old baby unless they are talking about 2nd hand verbal abuse (yelling at Oksana in baby's presence). And yes, that is abuse. If they are implying he physically hurt his baby; then he is truly sick & needs help. Of course, abuse of anyone is not okay.


All bull.

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