Witnesses Saw Mel Gibson Hit Oksana Grigorieva

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Did Mel Gibson attack Oksana Grigorieva physically?

The actor and his attorneys have not said a word about the infamous tapes, which makes sense. It's pretty clearly him on the phone, and there's no explaining away remarks such as "You should just say you're sorry and BLOW ME!!!!!!"

But he's adamantly denied any violence, and his fans have accused Oksana of being a gold-digging liar. Might there be witnesses who saw it, however?

According to TMZ, sources connected to Oksana Grigorieva say "third party witnesses" will tell L.A. County Sheriff's investigators they saw Mel Gibson punch her in the face January 6 during a heated altercation at her home.

This is the same alleged fight that they appear to reference in some of the tapes, and that she Oksana emailed her attorney about just hours after.

The Mel Gibson tapes are all from February 18.

Is Mel Gibson's benefit of the doubt evaporating?

Witnesses have not yet spoken to Sheriff's investigators probing the domestic abuse allegations against Mel, but they will supposedly come forward soon.

Sources say at least one witness is someone who works with Oksana on her music, which Mel claims is pretty average in one of his voicemail rants.

At least one of the third party witnesses reportedly saw the star pull a gun on Oksana during the same altercation, after he allegedly punched her.

We're told Oksana's 12-year old son Alexander, who Mel is also accused of assaulting, has already spoken with Sheriff's investigators in the case.

Sources say during the mediation in May, Oksana said Alexander, whose father is Timothy Dalton, was hiding under the bed during the argument.

Concurrently, Grigorieva is being investigated for extortion of Gibson, and both are battling for custody of their eight-month-old daughter Lucia.

Whose side are you on in this increasingly bizarre saga?


Ah ... now both Osaka and a mystery guest are saying ... what? that they loved Mel so much they "just wanted to protect him" and that's why they did not come forth way back in January but now, for some reason, who knows why ... oh yea, she loves her child too much to remain silent ... OH BALONEY. She shook him down, he would not pay, she's out for blood. And she is getting it. Pay her, Mel and be done with it. Then get help, this time ... EFFECTIVE help. You are not honoring your self by your activities. Not saying I believe all of this ... but something nasty went down.


@ ronda: How about be a better person who can control their rage and not treat women as sex objects? I totally agree with Greenie. I can't for the life of me understand anyone who would ignore all of the awful, horrible things Mel Gibson has said and done.


How much money has Oksana offered this person to be a witness?


"I'm not giving you the house, you can rot! Unless you crawl back, suck my cock and say you're sorry IN THAT ORDER!!!" I wanted to make that my ringtone, but unfortunately I have respect for kids and don't think they should be hearing that. Still, Mel Gibson is such a wacky guy.


i guess the lesson men and women can take away from this is two fold: 1) use your brain when you choose who to sleep with/get involved with. everyone has motives for their actions, figure out what they are before you make a baby with a person. 2) always control your temper in instances where you could be recorded, as it may be used against you or taken out of context at some point. or perhaps i should say there is just one lesson: be more paranoid, and trust no one.


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Witnesses? how much did those cost? Ya know...if most couples actually taped their arguments for public play, there would be a whole lot more "Mel Gibsons" Male AND female, come on, I think the average couple who splits up after investing deeply in the relationship of their personal resources, which is pretty much alot of people, yes, yes, yes, there will be name calling and huffing and puffing. Saying things in anger and doing things in anger are two different things. Gold digging should be a crime, it gives the female kind a bad wrap. I'll give Mel the benefit of the doubt. He has more to lose than Miss "I want more than half"- thank you that's my two cents-M


This is the same alleged fight that they appear to reference in some of the tapes, and that she Oksana emailed her attorney about just hours after. This is a direct quote from the article above: someone tell me if he hit her why was emailing her attorney the first thing she did? $$$$$$$ A battered women would have gone to the hospital, or the police. A troll who made this up would email her attorney!


you said it Greenie!!! It's her STORY. None of it has added up to anything convincing enough for a judge to deem him a danger to his child...clearly he has some issues, but it has not been proven in a COURT where it counts, not in the friggen tabloids, that he ever hit her. I am sure the witnesses will be family and friends of oksana, and they will be paid off accordingly.
the entire thing wreaks of a plan, from her tampered tapes, to the calculating letter to her lawyer...the use of the media to destroy any reputation he had left... clearly this is all an elaborate plot to extort money from a rich man. she really planned this out carefully...however, will she have been sloppy and get caught by the courts? I THINK SO!!!!!! this screams tv movie material!!! =D
i think octomom should be cast to play oksana!


It doesn't matter if she's a whore, a goldigger, a blackmailer and it doesn't matter who she sells her stories to. HE HIT HER amongst other things, many other things. It's her story so who cares if she wants to make a few bucks. I really don't understand people who defend Mel's actions by criticising her. Ridiculous.

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