Tiger Woods Fires Back at Devon James

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He may have had an affair with her (and many, many others), but no love child resulted from that fornication. Thus, Tiger Woods wants Devon James' paternity claim axed.

Through his lawyers, Tiger has fired back against one of his porn star mistresses and her paternity claims, asking the court to throw the case out for one simple reason:

Tiger is not the father.

Devon James filed papers back in June alleging that the golfer was the father of her nine-year-old son ... despite DNA tests proving that the daddy was someone else.

Attorneys for Woods have now filed legal documents declaring as fact Tiger did not father James' son and, therefore, the paternity case should be history.

Better luck next time, Dev.


DISMISSED: Much as a Tiger Woods love child wouldn't surprise us at this point, a low-rent porn star mistress making up such a claim to cash in surprises us less.


I think that the Court may not accept a request for dismissal without proof that Tiger is not the father of this child.If this is not done the Court can order Tiger to undergo a DNA testing since it has been reported that Tiger never was tested for this case!


I don't know why everyone wants to keep making Tigers adultery headline news. Who really cares? Why is it so important to everyone? Thousands of men and women cheat on their spouses every day but it only seems to be a "big deal" if the person is rich or famous! They are just as human as the person you sit next to at work or the neighbor down the street!! Who he sleeps with is not any of our business..and are our lives so dull and boring that we take pride or delight in spreading the dirty laundry of someone that we don't even personally know??? He cheated the wife is mad and hurt, files for divorce..the end!! Lets move on already isn't 7 months or so long enough??


Oh...and if you don't want to read negative stuff about other peeps lives maybe you shouldn't be posting on a site called Hollywood GOSSIP. What on earth did you expect to find here?


Ya know, I hate what Tiger did to his FAMILY but these skanks he slept around with are just not going to go away without a big pile of CASH. This could go on for years and years and years.


Why are we so caught up with the negative stories of other people's lives? It seems that we all have our own problems to work on. Perhaps when we become distracted by other people's problems we become blindsighted to our own. Celebrities have no privacy and that is so sad. I suppose this is the price one pays for being in the lime light.


Another ho who has no respect for her child except as a pawn to try and blackmail any of the thousands of men she's slept with in the past year. Wait til her son grows up and discovers what a POS his mother was.

Free britney

Pretty sure that makes her the definition of his mistress Howie


We get it - Tiger slept with other women - you don't need to embellish it with every story.Just because Tiger slept with women does not automatically make them "his" mistress - or does it help to sell stories? Perhaps Tiger could sue her for slander and for court costs?

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