Out of the Rough: DNA Test Proves Tiger Woods NOT Devon James' Baby Daddy!

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Tiger Woods may have stuck his driver in one too many open bags (if you know what we mean!) - but new evidence proves these extra practice rounds did NOT lead to the one result for which a golfer can never take a mulligan:

A baby.

Over the last couple weeks, Devon James - mistress number... who the heck knows at this point?!? - has claimed to anyone with a microphone that Tiger is the father of her nine-year old son.

She stuck by this statement even after sources confirmed the existence of a DNA test that disproved Woods' paternity. Now, that test has actually been made public.

Giving credit to Kikster.com for breaking the news, TMZ has in its possession documents that say Devon was made aware in 2002 that her son is the child of some dude named Pele Watkins.


If there was ever a reason for a fist pump...

In fact, according to science, there's a .001% chance that anyone other than Watkins is the dad. So you can breathe a major sigh of relief, Tiger.

To understand how low those odds are, consider: they are the same as Elin ever taking you back.


All the mis information is in the name of destroying his future mainly so that even if he has been such a hit with golf everything is destroyed by his straying from his wife which could have been a mistake now it is a deadly sin, there is no man alive who has been as dirty as Tiger he should be castrasted etc, there is no forgiveness in this world. As for Elin i feel sorry for you i hope God helps you to rise above this , keep you focused on your family and your own good because i think even if you decided to fall after someone else you will still continue to live a life of hell. Nothing lasts forever they will soon find someone elses life to ruin


Just play good golf again Tiger. You have paid Elin and the kids are taken care of forever. Golf needs you. Get a swing coach and get back in the PGA swing of things. We fans need you to play good golf again.


tiger try keeping your doodle in your pants for a while....


Inn other news:He's not the father of my non-child either.I wouldn't even touch that Tiger Woods thing with anyone else's genitals.


Tiger, show me the money!


What an ugly POS Tiger Woods is, inside and out. A conceited, narcissistic, lying, lecher. He can only get a woman (women) if he pays them.


Never believed Tiger was the Father anyway. Most of what you are reading is just tosh. Take care Tiger. And to all those making Elin into an angel, you don't know what she is all about either.He will be better off when Elin moves on.


WoW......who cares anymore? Like he's going to get a woman of class and substance from now on.......uh NO. Stupid is as stupid does. Right Tiger?


I live in her hometown. She is a total fraud. Been convicted on drugs and prostituition charges. Doesn't have custody of her kids and won't pay child support. Also arrested for fraudulently using her parents credit cards. Her husband/boyfriend by no surprise is the scum of the earth. Please don't give this piece of trash anymore free PR.


GOOD could have beated on this one but not sure about all the others cuz it's obvious that he did not use any protection with these WHOES!! Another reason for Elin to split!! EEEWWW better get your shots ASAP!!!

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