Devon James Says Tiger Woods is Her Baby Daddy, Produces Photo of Alleged Love Child

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As Tiger Woods preps for the prestigious U.S. Open this week, it's apparently open season for mistresses claiming he fathered their kids years ago.

Yesterday, we reported on a UK documentary airing this week which will allege that the golfer has a kid with Theresa Rogers, his "cougar mistress."

Now another mistress, porn star Devon James (no relation to Woods mistress Joslyn James), claims Tiger is the father of her son, Austin T. James.

Austin's middle initial is a secret tribute to the golfer she loved, claims Devon James, who leaked a picture of the supposed Tiger Woods love child.

The child was born in 2001, before Tiger was married to Elin Nordegren. The Theresa Rogers spawn was born in '03, also before he was married.

Devon James claims Tiger Woods knocked her up back in the day.

"She was 19 at the time, and attending a Christian school program" a source close to Devon James recalls. "They immediately started a relationship."

"She became pregnant, but decided not to tell Tiger," who she knows is the dad as he's "the only African-American man she dated at the time."

Devon James was one of the bevy of busty babes who came forward with Tiger tales after his mystifying November car wreck and fall from grace.

James first dished on Woods in March, claiming James was asked to join a threesome with a girlfriend a mystery man who turned out to be Woods.

"Hi, I'm Tiger. Nice to meet you," James quoted him as saying before they quickly got down to business - him paying $2,000 each for "dirty" sex.

Is Austin T. James Tiger Woods' love child?

Devon says the first time she bedded Tiger was back in 2000, though, when she was just a teenager, and the threesome simply reconnected them.

"She showed him pictures of Austin, and told him he was his son," a source said. "He didn't want to meet the boy, but did send gifts for the child."

In unrelated and hilarious news, Devon was accused of robbing Joslyn on a porn set yesterday. That's not the only attack on her character, either.

James' mother, Sandra Brinling, said yesterday that her daughter is a "pathological liar" and that she knows exactly who "Austin T.'s real dad" is.

Time will tell if one or both of these allegations are substantiated by DNA evidence, or if more alleged Tiger Woods baby mamas come forward.

Based on the photo above, do you think Tiger Woods fathered Devon James' love child? Or is she just making it up for publicity?


The DNA will prove it all, one way or the other. If its not his child he has nothing to fear, otherwise this will keep on going around and around and around.


DNA proved she lied.


Come on, take the baby's picture down! That is so rude! He's just an innocent little kid! Have a little respect for an innocent child.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm preggers with Tiger'scub myself. Maybe because I have much better taste in men.


If this kid turns out to be Tiger's, which I doubt, this chick is either the dumbest or the most reasonable bimbo of all time. We're to believe that the poor girl is supporting the kid alone by working low budget porn gigs when the kid's father is nearly a billionaire? Sounds dubious. It's starting to look like Elin knew a lot more than she's letting on.


It is not okay for this child's picture to be published online. Are you all friggin nuts? he's a baby! Get this pic off of here ASAP. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


I saw a recent photo of the child on the New York Daily News and the kid was obviously fathered by a black man, judging by his nose, mouth and hair. But the key here are the kid’s eyes which are oriental, and that raises a lot of questions because this is not a common combination and Tiger has the same combination of features!!!


that can only be the love child of a sexy beast of a cablinasian man

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