The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Country Club Chaos!

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It was totally on last night between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice.


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    did anyone hear that ashley is in treatment


    'Teresa is still rearing to go'?

    It's 'raring' to go.


    The relationship Albie has with his family/parents is called a support system. You should try to build one. It would help alleviate some of your anger and jealousy issues. True, he comes from a very privleged background, but with parents who make their children work and/or go to school for a living to become productive community members, even though they could easily support them all and them some. If there were more parents around to rear their children in the same manner, our society would have less entitled and lazy people.


    danielle is such a bitch i really hate her with her over reacting drama filled life i hope ashly kicks her azz once again for the fam -danielle u should take a clue from your kids they seem to be alot more down to earth then you are


    They are all a disgrace to their families and an embarrassment to their children.


    You summed up this episode of NJ Housewives Gone Mad brilliantly! I need to add that for the life of me I can't understand Kim G's friendship with Danielle. The lady (Kim G) seems to have it all together and appears to be more of a high-society type, but Danielle just brings her down to a more low-life level. Soon she'll be having brunch with ex-con Danny. I don't get Kim G. One person I can't stand is Teresa's hubby Joe. He's a schmuck, low intelligence, neanderthal. I'm still looking for evidence of brains inside his big fat head.


    Danielle brings this on herself because she has a big mouth she can't keep shut. She has no class and zero tolerance for other people having their own opinions yet she always want to shove her opinions down everyone else's throat. Bitch big time..and ugly so ugly it's so hard to look at her.


    God what a piece of crap that Danielle is. She'a bitch and ugly to boot. Get her off the show and let's see or hear no more of this moron!


    I can't stand Danielle but I don't know why Teresa would even waste her time or breath talking to Danielle unless, of course, she was prompted to by the producers of the show. Danielle talks about how tough she is and how she's "from Brooklyn" but man, she acted like a complete and total wussy! I think she and Kim G needed to have their hair pulled. Good thing Danny wasn't there to protect her, Teresa would've been in BIG trouble (ooooo, he's such a brute!) whatever.


    Danielle is NUTS, and almost as cheap looking as that Danny. Trash. But why do the rest of them talk, non stop, about her? It is the most sick thing I have seen on Reality TV EXCEPT for Kelley Bensimon who is truly Nuts! Enough already!

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