Rachel Uchitel in Celeb Rehab For "Emotional Issues"

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She's been in Celebrity Rehab less than a week, and Rachel Uchitel has already licked her addiction to prescription drugs ... yup, Dr. Drew is just that good!

Actually, she was never was addicted in the first place.

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That's the rumor stemming from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, where sources close to the production say she never really had a pill-popping problem.

It was reported earlier in the week that she was hooked on Ambien - a sleep aid she'd used during feverish sex romps with Tiger Woods, incidentally.

Who knew sleeping with married stars was a treatable ailment?

There's no addiction to it, though, apparently.

Instead, Rachel is getting "genuine treatment for emotional issues." Gee, wonder what those might consist of ... Drew's gonna have his hands full!

A source notes that Rachel Uchitel is "taking it seriously, and getting as much out of this as the cast members who are dealing with drugs or booze."

We wish her the best, and wish Dr. Drew luck. We would recommend he take away her Blackberry, though. That can only lead to crazy sex calls. 

Or needy text messages to David Boreanaz.


eh I think she sux but I don't watch rehab so doesn't bother me. man is she ugly but ok in this pic. I do hope she spills about tiger so he can have a freak out. serves him right!


Tiger to Rachel: WTF? I gave you $10 effin' million and this is the effin' thanks I get? We agreed you wouldn't effin' say anything and now you go on effin' Celebrity Rehab? Anything you effin' say will be tacitly effin' assumed is about me! Effin' me! This has turned into an effin' train wreck for me. $100 effin' million to effin' Elin. You have emotional effin' problems? I would have effin' paid for you to see an effin' psychologist. I could have got an effin' referral from my effin' sports psychologist but noooo you gotta do this on effin' TV. I can't win an effin' tournament. Rachel to Tiger: You have an addiction to dropping the "F" bomb. I'm going to talk to Dr Drew about getting you a spot. You need all the help you can get to return to the Golfing God I was effin' with. Tiger to Rachel: EFFIN' YOU.


Ha, Ha, Ha, YES!!! She developed emotional issues after desperatedly trying to trap a rich $$$ man and failing in spite of several attempts!!!


Rachel Uglitel is an immoral prostitute that is addicted to kinky sex with rich married men, extorting money for silence from rich married men,media attention to spite and venge rich married men, to the use of silicone and lipo to enticed rich married men and probably to all kind of drugs out there!!!


Emotional issues??? That's the least of her problems! Good luck Dr. Drew-this one takes the cake!!


This is such a farce. This woman would not know the truth if it bit her in a very private place. So much for her being quiet pertaining to what went on with Tiger. This woman is slime and needs to crawl back under her rock.

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