Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods: Ambien Fiends!

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As we reported yesterday, Rachel Uchitel joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab. Amazingly, her addiction is not having affairs with married celebrities, but drugs.

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    I refuse to believe that he REALLY loved Elin. You can't do all that dirty shit with all those dirty WHORES and still go home to your wife and kids! He only married her to look good but he really like all the other shit!! Would he be so quick to take Elin back if she did all the same stuff Tiger did?? NO WAY!! Double standard as usual!!


    CLB, it would be nice if it were true that Tiger loved/loves his wife and children, but didn't he say that sex and golf were the most important things in his (sordid) life? To the other poster who said Rachel was "wild, beautiful..." etc., then why doesn't
    Tiger marry her when his divorce is final if he loves her so much? Those two sleazebags deserve each other.


    To John W Sharpe;Dream on , bastard!!!
    Tiger never planned to leave his beautiful, decent and moral wife for any of his immoral whores!!!He only used women, like Rachel, for kinky, pervert sex because that is what they are only good for! Tiger pleaded and begged with Elin not to divorce him. Tiger publicly have said he loves Elin and the children and that they were the two most important thing in his life!!!


    Rachel Uglitel is an immoral prostitute that appears to have many addictions such as: having kinky, threesome, pervert sex with rich married men, extorting money for silence from rich married man, using Silicone, Lipo and drugs to enticed rich married man, getting media attention to spite and get revenge from rich married men!!!


    She needs Decency Rehab. The only thing she is addicted to is stealing other people's husbands for money.


    TO John W Sharp: sounds like you are a fan of hers. Did she pay you to say that or did she suck your dick??? Better get tested...


    Why would anyone believe this immoral piece of garbage. She has a different story every time she is questioned on anything concerning Tiger. She needs to crawl back under her rock.


    Rachel is wild, beautiful and natural. She is a creature.

    Tiger loved her then and loves her now.

    He was pleased to pay her off.


    Didn't she get $10 million to keep her mouth shut? Won't this mean she's in violation of the terms of her agreement?

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