Purple Pretty-Off: Miranda Cosgrove vs. Kim Kardashian vs. Salma Hayek

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How do you know when a fashion trend has hit Hollywood?

When three women from three completely different walks of life are spotted out in it.

Case in point: over the last few weeks, Miranda Cosgrove (a 17-year old pop singer), Kim Kardashian (a 29-year old professional celebrity) and Salma Hayek (a 43-year old Oscar nominee) all showed off new purple dresses.

You know where we're going with this, right? Compare, contrast and vote below...

In Purple

Who looks prettiest in purple?


Miranda totally rocked it!!!!!!!


i love miranda cosgrove in "icary" it is fuuny and i love her voise and she is a better role moldle than miley


Is it just me who finds it ridiculous that all three girls are wearing SPECIFICALLY; knee length same shade of purple and uber similar material-ed dresses with the same nude shoe? The nude shoe does it for me, it's a hollywood stylist conspiracy. Sure it all looks good, but where's the fun of celebrity fashion when it becomes so incredibly formulaic?

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