J-Woww Debuts Filthy Fashion Line

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The fact that Jenni Farley, a.k.a. J-Woww from Jersey Shore, has a fashion line at all is ironic, given the sheer amount of skin the girl reveals on a daily basis.

Appropriately, though, the line goes by the name of Filthy Couture.

J-Woww debuted it on the runway for the first time at Vegas hotspot Ghostbar this holiday weekend in a 35-minute show, or 33 minutes more than necessary.

If you've seen one J-Woww fashion selection, you've seen them all - and all or most of the giant fake breasts they reveal before ending up on the floor anyway.

But anyway, models bounded down the catwalk in everything from swimsuits and casual wear to items that Farley-coined “club wear” ... undoubtedly classy.

LOW-BROW FASHION: J-Woww is a proud poster child.

Anchored by a smattering of paint or lace, “a lot of these pieces are silicone, gel or hand painted,” the reality star said at the launch party for the clothing line.

“[For] the bathing suits I wanted to go with a grungy, or sexy-grungy look with the chains, but I also wanted to keep it girly with the lace,” she added.

As for seeing her own fashion make its runway debut?

“Very unreal. Surreal,” Farley said. “I’ve had this vision for a long time, and I’ve been in school for seven years doing it but never thought it would come true.”

As for where she got the Filthy Couture name? Jenni says it was inspired by “the genre of music that we like to listen to, you know, the guidos and guidettes.”

We're sure it'll be a huge seller. For more J-Woww, check out the aspiring designer and the rest of the guido gang in the Jersey Shore Season 2 trailer!

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