Oksana Grigorieva Walked Away From $15 Million Settlement Involving Mel Gibson Tapes

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A shocking new report suggests that Oksana Grigorieva agreed to a $15 million deal with Mel Gibson that would have kept their now-infamous tapes secret.

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    I am amazed at how many men dump women after they get what they want from her... WHAT happened to the days when men allowed women to stay at home and the men provided? THATS how it was meant to be, but there are 2 many jerks for men who want to stick their pinga in a woman, give her a baby, then walk away like a dog and not do anything. I am just totally disgusted with men, and myself dont trust not a one of them. THANKS to you men in this world for contributing to sour women. I once loved men, and trusted them, and was so kind and sweet to them. NOW THEY ALL MADE ME into a raging bitch....


    Carrie....you need help too....I wouldnt want my teeth punched for any amount of money....maybe your racist and hate russian women....she is 100% right saying she will walk away and that in his condition, crazy.....there is now way he can look after an infant....I can betcha Robin never had and physical abuse but she certainly would have been on the receiving end of some drunken bipolar ranging rants.....HAS THAT QUESTION BEEN ASKED OF HER?


    Debi, grow up....PUNCH HER?????? What is that? you sick girl....does that solve anything? Oksana is a mother to two children..PUNCH HER?????? get some help for your anger....try being on the receiving end of a drunken narcissists rage, the disbelevingly disgusting vile and vulgar things that come from their mouths and we'll see if you still say "punch her" THERE IS NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER ANY EXCUSE FOR ABUSE....GOT IT DEB. I was a fan of Mel Gibson ever since seeing him in Tim.....but he has aged, has bipolar, an well documented alcohol problem, he may be on a prescription drug....all screws with your brain ....He needs help.




    I will need to read more, just heard the tapes. As much as Mel sounds as tho he is need of some deep help and yes he is "Lethal Weapon" scary this woman is a "a pice of work. The whole idea behind her taping this is sickening. How sad that this is what it takes for some people to get a name for themselves & further their own careers. I say punch her Mel!


    I also think that she should go to jail for what she is doing to her own son, to her daughter and Mel.
    This SATANA is for revenge and for money and I do not trust a word she is saying.
    If Timothy Dalton is as she is saying "a good father"
    why did he not put roof over his only son's head?
    Why did he not buy a house for his only child???
    Why is SATANA staying as a freeloader in home of a father
    who is supporting EIGHT Children???
    not one, not two but EIGHT!
    and Mel is bad? What a character she is?
    Puting this shame on the man who did tried to help her
    even as she had no talent, no good voice, no good pianist...
    SATANA only USED Mel and now she is destroying him.
    One day her own daughter will ask her ...
    but mom WHY did you hurt my dad so badly???


    @ Carrie:

    "she belongs in jail. she is no battered girlfriend, she's a criminal...and a lousy parent. "

    Here we go again. whenever people will treat and judge you in an unfair way based on some gossip and "news" in future - remember what you thought when you were writing this - they think in the same way.


    to be even clearer for you, i do not mean verbal abuse either.
    i mean his general beliefs on races, women etc.

    if someone screams about things like that when they are upset, clearly even when they are calm, these are their beliefs and opinions on the world.
    so, in order to live with them, and breed with them, you either have to tolerate or agree with them on this ideas and beliefs.
    THAT is what i was saying.
    That she either agrees with his racism, sexism, and general craziness...or she tolerated it all and grinned and smiled, all in order to get his money and screw him over.

    either way she is really frikken horrible. at least his excuse is mental instability and addiction, what excuse does she have for all this horrid behaviour??? none as far as i can tell, just being evil.


    okay, first calm down.

    second, you either misunderstood my meaning, or i wasn't clear enough. either way, let me explain before your head explodes.

    i was NOT referring to the abuse....i was referring to his crazy rants and racist comments....that is what i meant by his comments/beliefs...i NEVER said physical abuse.

    fact is, i would never say that because i do not believe for one second that he EVER hit her.
    I am more inclined to believe that this lady had a friend hit her and then took a picture, at this point. she is clearly willing to do ANYTHING it takes to ruin him and take all his money.

    I have yet to see any REAL EVIDENCE that the courts will agree proves he had abused her. The only real evidence that has been given regarding abuse, proves he is not an abuser. that would be the statement given by his ex wife that he has never abused her or their children in almost 30 years!!!

    so calm yourself, and perhaps practice your reading comprehension.


    @ carrie:
    "the person who falls for someone who is so 'evil and horrible' is in my books just as bad, if not worse..."

    * so you are saying that all the women, wives, girlfriends out there who get tortured by their husbands, boyfriends and men... are evil and horrible as well???
    WTF is wrong with you.

    When women take and accept it for money - i am with you. BUT 90% of these women are not in the relationship for money. i can see that you maybe never experienced an abusive relationship with a CHOLERIC man. Good for you - may you always be surrounded by love. Now I was 3 years in an abusive relationship on a mental level and i can tell you, that YOU ARE IGNORANT as hell to call women as me "evil and horrible". You have no idea what you are talking about and it is sad to see your selfconfident judgement.
    Life will teach judgemental people like you!

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