Mel Gibson Tapes: Evidence of Tampering, Editing By Oksana Grigorieva?

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His vile rants have forever altered people's perception of him, but Mel Gibson's lawyers claim the now-infamous tapes of his outbursts were tampered with.

The actor's legal team says it has hard evidence that the four tapes (and counting) Oksana Grigorieva secretly recorded were tampered with and edited.

If true, it's still Mel ranting like a sexist pig, making death threats and racial slurs, and demanding to be orally serviced before burning down her house.

But it may make the tapes inadmissible in a court of law.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department will have to authenticate the Mel Gibson tapes before handing over the domestic violence case to the D.A.'s Office.

That could take some time. Gibson faces investigation by authorities for allegedly attacking Oksana Grigorieva - while she carried their daughter no less.

Authentic or not, follow the jump for ALL the Gibson tapes ...

Mel's lawyers deny he physically attacked Oksana in any way, and will present evidence to the Sheriff's Department that the tapes have been altered. 

They say they have "concrete forensic evidence of tampering" with the tapes, including editing, though it is unclear if Oksana is the supposed culprit.

Grigorieva recorded Gibson's rants, but denies she is the person leaking them to various celebrity news outlets this week ... but who else could it be?

"We are not aware of any presentation Gibson's lawyers are making, but are not surprised they would make such unfounded claims," her lawyers said.

In addition to the criminal investigation against Mel, there is the matter of custody over Lucia. Grigorieva wants a judge to strip Mel of custody.

She will use tapes as evidence Mel is a danger to the child, and the authenticity of the tapes will almost certainly be raised by Mel's attorneys.

Whose side are you on?


"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"


Mel Gibson. What a huge mistake buddy, we all know how relationships could be but you should be smart enough to know when to call it quits. it seems alcohol is the devil and making you into a bad guy. She really put a knife in your back letting these tapes out. I wish you the best MAX. CANT BUY ME LOVE!


And just to add this, if he does admit to having some issues and addressing them i feel as though he will get some level of respect back... I hate that he says derogatory things such as N****ers and C&^t and things of that nature. Perhaps he needs to find a subtler approach to voicing his opinion. Buy a boxing bag, do some yoga!! MEL WAKE UP TO YOURSELF AND SEPERATE YOURSELF FROM THIS SITUATION!!!!!!


The fact of the matter is - he needs mental help!!! That relationship is over. The way he speaks to her is with so much hate but i really feel like he loves her and wants her to follow his orders as HE is the provider!!!!! Well i do hope they come to some sort of conclusion and he gets some help by giving up the booze and getting away from her... There definitely needs to be a middle man to share the custody of there daughter.....


I think there are always two sides. One side is never completely innocent. I still LOVE Mel. Sad that she stooped to this level to try to destroy him. He is FOREVER Mel Gibson.


She's not so innocent and her baby should be taken from her if she allowed him to hit the baby (which I don't believe at all). How long ago did this supposedly happen and it's now coming out? Come on people; she just wants the "poor abused me" attention - I'm a woman and can't stand women like that - gives us all a bad name! You do have supporters behind you Mel! and I'm glad to read a lot of posters agree - you say bad things in heated arguments; a lot of which we regret; and nobody can say for sure what you actually said since the tapes were altered!


Wow, the tapes are damning...however, I don't actually believe her side is so innocent. It's clear that he's pissed. Mel feels used and he's embarrassed because he fell for the "young chicky" like so many middle aged men do regardless of their social status. I'd look to his former wife of over 25 years and to his children to get the real opinionw on what kind of man Mel really is. It's very unfortunate that this woman drove him to the point of using racist remarks. I don't believe Mel is a racist, but the use of the "n" word upsets me. I've heard alot of couples argue and I've heard it get this bad between common, normal people who aren't in the spotlight of Hollywood. Which of us haven't been driven to the point of saying horrible things at least 1 time in our lives? Mel struggles with substance abuse, a career that's clearly slowing down, aging and basically feeling like a chump because he was tricked and now is going to lose even more money.


Please - pleez - ppalease can we say -- ussian * iatch ! I still like Mel Gibson and think he has some probable provocation from this HO ! By the sound of her voice on the this tape she sounds like a real pro whore and looks even worse. GO GO MELly Mel !!!!


This is all a bunch of CRAP and you're all falling for it and its VERY PATHETIC! OMG! America is SERIOUSLY hard up for Drama 'cuz this is a very obvious FAKE situation w/the tapes.
...soooo stupid!


I hate Mel Gibson, and so what bastard asshole, if you play you pay! Maybe you as a star do not realize the jerk you've sounded like on tape,and until now I respected you from Braveheart and The Passion of Jesus! What an idiot, I hate you, let your money burn you inside out, and when you want a daughter to love you, realize the shit you said and it was either a drunken orgy rage or a vicious vile Henry VIII idiot person. It is only by the grace of God that you were killed driving a car like Diana and her lover with such a horrid person that you are. Jekel and Hyde and oh least we hated Heather Mills but could love Paul over this domesstic drama, but it will be hard to respect/or honor you after this....dug it deep, didn't you!

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