LeBron James Completes Transformation Into Sports Villain

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The LeBron James transformation is complete.

This once-beloved superstar has officially gone from a competitive, loyal hometown hero to a self-serving, insincere sell-out who lacks the sort of on-court confidence all-time greats such as Michael Jordan possessed.

LeBron joined fellow Heat players Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at a welcoming event in American Airlines Arena last night. It was the first time he donned a Miami jersey, saying it "felt right" on him.

To the rest of the sports world, however, it feels like the move of someone that figured, hey, I can't beat 'em. So I'll just join 'em... forever tainting my legacy and my claim as the Chosen One.

Despite his claims, LeBron James is NOT taking less money to join the Heat. Due to Florida tax laws, he'll end up making MORE than he would have if he had signed a maximum contract in Cleveland.

What do you think of LeBron's move to Miami?


Lebron, do us a favor, get the f*** out of Cleveland and stay out, you self-serving in-bred bend-over squeech.


and one more thing, i'm beginning to like him now..he's the superstar of NBA and the superstar of Cavs and yet he decided to join Dwyane who is the superstar of Miami, when he knows he'll only share the ball and the spotlight with D-Wade, so for that matter, i don't really see big egos in him.


i'm not a Lebron fan, coz i'm so freakin' inlove with DWade, KG and KD, but then, i can understand where Lebron is coming from.
He really wants to win, even being 2x MVP doesn't matter. and he's really good friends with Dwyane and Chris and so is Melo from 2003 Draft Class so maybe he really wants to play with them. Cavs is selfish to hold him back, Lebron has lead them to Finals in Cavs history so they must be thankful instead of burning off his jersey.


If he were there for 7 years and nothing happened, it was time to go. And hopefully this move will prove fruitful for Lebron.


Michael Jordan's team front office and coach helped get the team so Michael succeeded! Kobe has his problems with identity that is why Shaq had to go or Kobe was going to. Every star needs help! They don't win alone! DWade wants more rings, Chris wants to shine in the league that was not going to happen in Toronto, they all remember how Minnesota totally hurt KG! Charles Barkley never got a ring! Fans are so foolish and selfish. These guys are young and smart, and will get traded in a business deal if they don't get no trade clauses! So I support them taking chances in their careers as they see fit!


@lebronfan: You could not be more wrong. Best for his career? He has guaranteed he'll never be considered in the conversation now with all-time greats b/c no way Jordan or Kobe would EVER join up with rivals instead of trying to win titles on his own team. Absolutely no way. You know nothing about history if you think otherwise.
LeBron didn't sell out Cleveland - he sold out HIMSELF and his own image as some "chosen one" who could actually be the leader on a team. Moreover, he did it in a pompous, arrogant, self-serving, obnoxious, ridiculous manner.


get over it. he did what was best for his career and everyone will love him again in a year. he didn't betray anyone, he left a team that was holding him back. calling him a sell-out just proves your own ignorance.