Irate Cleveland Fans Burn LeBron James Jerseys, Cavs Owner Goes Off on "Narcissistic" Star

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Even if Leicester Bryce Stovell is the father of LeBron James, it's unclear why this random dude would be entitled to any money.

Conversely, it's crystal clear why so many sports fans are trashing James today: the egotistical superstar didn't simply abandon his hometown of Cleveland for the Miami Heat - he did so in a ridiculously staged primetime special in front of a national audience.

LeBron James Pep Rally Pic

We'd go off on LeBron more, but Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert says it all in an email he posted on the team's official site last night. Aside from telling a reporter that James "quit" in the playoffs, Gilbert wrote to fans:

This was announced with a several day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his "decision" unlike anything ever "witnessed" in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment.

You simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal.

This shocking act of disloyalty from our home grown "chosen one" sends the exact opposite lesson of what we would want our children to learn. And "who" we would want them to grow-up to become.

But the good news is that this heartless and callous action can only serve as the antidote to the so-called "curse" on Cleveland, Ohio... I PROMISE you that our energy, focus, capital, knowledge and experience will be directed at one thing and one thing only: DELIVERING YOU the championship.

LeBron going to Miami is...


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I think Lebron is a clound.he proud,selfish,incentives,& heartless.


People get real, LB showed the NBA world that he is not the man and cant handle the pressure. The way he left shows that he didn't care for his former team. Leaving is not the problem but he could have at least told management that he was leaving and they could have focused attention on another good player. To lead the cavs on by saying their in the top position where he wants to go while all along knowing he was going to miami was just BS. If is was about winning, why not have the cavs get another good player for him like Booser or another top player. LB just wants the pressure taken off and put in a city where he can live like a rock star.


Don't think I've heard as much BS thrown anyones way in such a long time! I agree 100% that the piling on is wrong and just a bunch of sour grapes. The sports world and the employment world in particular allows one to work where THEY want to work. Psss, hey Cleveland - I hear BALTIMORE is looking for a NBA franchise!


damn right lindsay, lebron obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!! took the team under his back, now people in cleveland are mad at him for signing up with the heat, hey cleveland ur not lebron's owner dudes!!! and he did his time serving and making cleveland popular, damn!!! sorrycleveland but i guess your basketball team now can really suck it..hahahahaha sell your team, maybe youll get money or something out of it. lebron rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cleveland eat shit


what the f*** is wrong with you people, give the guy a break, lebron has his choice, let him be, y'all just jealous coz u aint got half the shit that lebron does. you now what, its good his gone in cleveland coz i think thats the only thing thats been holding him back from beating the hell out of kobe and the lakers!!!


Listen up, I do agree with some of you that LeBron was rude in the exiting of Cleveland, but that is business. It's gotten worse over the years with the media/celebrities, because now it's more about the money and not the principle. It's sad that it has to come down to this, but Lebron WAS wrong for going to Miami like he did


He's in the public eye all they time. It would have been big news any way. Cleveland fans would have been pissed and reacted the same way even if he didn't anounce it on tv.


I think Lebron wouldn't be receiving such hate from Cleveland if he didn't announce his "decision" (as if he was going anywhere else after Bosch signed with the Heat) on national tv with huge hoopla. You can change companies, as it were, just don't go out of your way to piss off your old boss, or in this case fans/city. Maybe the "3 Egos" now on the Heat will compete for the spotlight so much they won't pass the ball to each other and Miami won't win. Would look good on Lebron who promised 7 championships at a rally in Miami. Win at least one Lebron, then brag about "repeats"


i wish you the best but.......WHY DID YOU LEAVE


replying to "coach T" really... if your gonna comment on something at least listen to all the views and maybe show a bit class.. i agree with hilton hater... it wasnt that he left it was in the way he did it and and as far as lebron good riddens! Go Cleveland!