Lady Gaga Drag Photos: Is Jo Calderone the Singer in Disguise?

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As we reported yesterday, a set of photos taken by Nick Knight for Japan's "Vogue Hommes" feature a (presumably) male model by the name of Jo Calderone.

A significant number of sources claim, however, that "Jo" is actually Lady Gaga's alter ego, and that the "Poker Face" singer went incognito for the photo shoot.

Seriously, people think this guy is her.

The only definitive connection between the two is stylist Nicola Formicetti, but some Gaga fans remain adamant. "I'd put money on it," said one observer.

Think it's her? Check him/her out ...

Is this Vogue Japan model actually Lady Gaga in drag?

"The nose gives it away to start. Then the eyes, then the girly mouth." The apparent lack of Adam's apple would be another clue, THG readers have opined.

Other evidence and theories circulating online:

  • The mystery model's first name, Jo, corresponds with Gaga's middle name, Joanne (her birth name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta).
  • ABC News points out that "Jo Calderone" is an anagram of "Alejandro" ... with an extra c and o. Brilliant detective work there, ABC News.
  • Last year's Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors not only failed to rankle the star - she seemed to embrace, even feed into that bit of gossip.

What do you think? Is it her? Vote below ...

Butch Gaga?



yeah, that's right of wat my sister said rosaundra so if u thinks lady gaga then ur cool and da thinks it just a hot guy then go and fuck yourself u bicthes!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 be honest 2 all u bitches dis jo thing is just lady gaga so can we just deal with!!!!!!???? and da one thinks it's not lady gaga just go and fuck youself k


Lol to whomever said "Gaga has more boobs than that." Um...dude, it's called binding. Durr.


This is Lady Gaga. It is indeed her alter ego, and she lets him come into the spotlight more in her new video you and I. Haven't seen it yet? Well look it up.


this is lady gaga for her new video you and i :)


she and her friends have confirmed it, she is jo calderone


THIS IS OBVIOUSLY GAGA! it's her. im a little monster and i know it's her


Okay, whoever thinks this is Gaga is obviously stupid. If you were to line up the two faces you would see that none of the features actually match up. Seriously, who would believe this?


@RandyJacksonsbutt I totally either way, neither of them have any business on the cover or back page of any fashion magazine or even a dictionary for that matter!!


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