Lady Gaga: Going Butch For Vogue Japan?

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Rumors are circulating this morning that a seemingly male model appearing in Vogue Hommes Japan may be none other than pop star Lady Gaga in disguise.

You be the judge!

Stylist Nicola Formichetti posted the picture below (left) and others like it to his website with no explanation as to who the model is, or even his or her gender.

Some fans insist this is the latest outrageous look from the singer known for them ... this is not as weird as the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumor, but close.

It does look kinda like her ... but is it? Inspect and vote below!

Butch Gaga?

Is this Lady Gaga?


It's definitely her. There's no doubt about it. Exact same face (especially obvious with the shape and nose), no Adam's apple, and she's probably wearing a chest bind. @KitKat Drag kings/queens choose drag names. They don't go by their real names, of course. The queens choose the whacky names, but normally, the kings will choose something more usual, like "Jo Calderone" for example. Besides, I don't know any male Joe's that spell their name "Jo". Females tend to do that... I'm quite a drag king myself and I'm really obsessed with Lady GaGa, so I know for sure it's her. I never knew she did drag! I'm so excited that she's bringing drag kings to public attention! GO GAGA!


Damn Frank ,you got a lotta of kool stuff on your website.Some of the children's clothe you sell might fit on lady Gaga.


I once dated a midget that looked just like Lady Gaga,but unfortunately the love affair was short lived.She left me for an Oompa Loompa.


It's not her, if you look at the website the model is named "Jo Calderone"


Of course it's her. That is not a "male" model. Notice, adam's apple.....

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