Sign of the Apocalypse: Charice Undergoes Botox for Glee Role

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Charice Pempengco is 18 years old.

She's already a successful singer, having received a major career boost from appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This fall, she'll recur on season two of Glee.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

But Charice - who, it bears repeating, is 18 years old! - feels enough pressure from Hollywood to have undergone a skin-tightening procedure last week, along with Botox meant to make her face look rounder.

Speaking in the third person, the singer told ABS-CBN television earlier this summer: "All people will be anticipating how will Charice look? Is she good enough to pit against Rachel Berry? So of course there is tremendous pressure."

For that reason, we don't blame Charice for this depressing piece of news. We do wonder what advice her parents gave, but an 18-year old undergoing plastic surgery is more reflective of society than anything.

When every other tabloid cover features Kim Kardashian in a bikini, bragging about her weight loss and figure, what message do you think it sends teenage girls?

** UPDATE: Charice's rep confirms the procedure, but says it was "to relieve a jaw problem similar to TMJ."


*I mean, "how the media rode in on this story."


Sign of apocalypse would be how the media rode it on this story. Started in the first place by this doctor Vicky Belo - who on that day she supposedly gave Charice this procedure twitted: Just gave Charice botox and thermage for Glee. Is that even ethically right of her. And don't you think there's more to this story? Did you think she personally went to this Doctor for really that reason to get Botox for Glee? Didn't think so! I saw her mother tweet that day, so mad at this doctor afterwards for using her daughter and their trust when she wasn't there. She uses this 18 year old to advertise her business. And look how the media is lapping it up, instead of celebrating this girls talent. Give me a break! Yup, and Krystal Bowersox got a new grill. What's the latest upgrade on Heidi Montag?


"along with Botox meant to make her face look rounder"??? sign of the apocalyspe, alright - when journalists can't even get their stories straight!!!! *supposedly* Botox injection is to relax her protruding jaw muscles and to alleviate jaw discomfort, hence making the face look NARROWER!!!!




people forget there are medical problems that can be corrected with the use of botox
such as:
hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating and migraines!


charice is such a great singer, and i dont think she needs any botox or anything. cuz yea. SHES 18. but i guess if the rumor IS true, then i cud undertand her decisions because it IS great pressure and she wants to look her best. :)




She made up her mind. To reach the top. No matter what it takes. Artist come and fade away. It's all about fame and $$$$$.


botox is NOT plastic surgery
there is no surgery involved whatsoever. it is needles and a toxin.
it is a cosmetic procedure. at least she didnt go out and put a pair of silicone implants into her body. i swear people are harsher on botox than actual plastic surgery, especially implants...and they are MUCH worse for the body and require surgery.


She should not go for any plastic surgery no matter how big the offer is...