Family of Mel Gibson Stands By Star

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Mel Gibson is not only in a nasty fight with Oksana Grigorieva over custody of their baby daughter, he's facing a domestic violence investigation and major fallout from her set of rage-filled, possibly career-ending leaked phone tapes.

But he still has his family.

"He has a good support system in his friends and family," a friend tells People adding that his seven kids are "absolutely" standing by their father.

Gibson regularly speaks to his soon-to-be-ex wife, Robyn, with whom he split in April 2009, and has seven children from a nearly 30-year union.

It was Robyn Gibson who came to his defense last week, filing an affidavit swearing he was never once abusive during their entire time together.

Mel and Robyn

Mel has allies in Robyn Gibson and their seven kids.

According to a source, it was her idea: "Mel didn't ask Robyn for the affidavit in which she says that he never engaged in any physical abuse towards her."

"Robyn just felt that enough is enough ... She still values her marriage to Mel and is sick of [how the press portrays] Mel as a heartless, abusive monster."

A new Mel Gibson tape leaked on Tuesday was perhaps the most damning of the six released to date, as he appeared to admit a violent outburst.

But despite what you hear on the tapes, Robyn is standing by the actor, who she calls an amazing father. The source said, "she is still protective of him."

A Gibson family source says that the actor's family has long seen Oksana Grigorieva, who Mel split with earlier this year, as a calculating person.

“She pushed him over the edge," the source says. "While they do think he needs help for his anger issues, Mel's family is supportive of him."



I think that it is pathetic that a middle age man is acting like an animal and people are blaming his girlfriend. GOod think he has a church on his property, he cheated on his wife and his language is deplorable. He should be ashamed of himself. All of his supporters online saying terrible things about the girlfriend. Even if she did use him for money, did she deserve to have her teeth bashed out because he is a famous movie star. The man is a pig and should seek some help - what a nut.


I don't support either one - mel can be a jerk , racist and a hothead and needs help but oskana is a gold digger - the main one i feel sorry for is the baby who should be taken from both Mel's no prince but she is no little miss innoscent they both ought to be ashamed to drag her son and mel's kids through this - shoudl be donw in private or in court not in the media


Sooner or later the true will come out. Period. A guilty party will answer here and there( I am pointing up).
If I were her, I would tape him too. Otherwise, no one will believe me. If she did manipulate the tapes, than she will be panished for that, and if he did to her what she said he did, than I hope he will get what he deserves. ( may be)


roo greeting from Toronto Canada. Here we are (our friends and our family about 70 people) 100% behind Mel Gibson and I'm very proud to say that Mel is not paying me a penny. This Russian soup opera star Oksana is daily crushing Mel soul and his spirit on radar online. Lie after lie like as terminator she is after poor Mel. When is to be end of this? Did you ever think how are Mel's children doing? And what about pour 13 years old Sasha? What a monster for a mother he have.Why is she doing this to him? What about Robyn? And what about little Lucia or Mel?
Why is Oksana doing that? Is she MAD?


Too bad that several gossip sites outing Mel as having paid people to support him on these sites. Poor Mel, NO
ONE will support him of their own accord. He has to PAY people to say nasty things about Oksana and nice things about him. I'd hate to w hore myself out to him - money isn't everything, guys.


This money-sucking bitch gave a lot of interviews about how good Father Mel is to all his children and how happy she is , including her plans to write songs for future Mel's movies.
Why radaronline does not publish them?
I think Oksana former or current lover works on radaronline, as other wise (read her interviews, including in Russian news papers after January 6 till their split) I can't explain why it's never mentioned what she was telling about Mel until she decide to get more money from him.
And i agree Russian mafia help professionally create and altere tapes.
And i am Russian female, so for me she is more transparent than for Americans. After Reading all her interviews I see very clear twisted and manipulated personality who is using men and children to get paid.
Baby face has a pimple, that's all.


I hope MEL realized what an IDIOT he is: a middle-aged, pre-impotent stage, filthy rich guy who left a 30-year old marriage and 7 kids, to find validation from money-sucking bitches.


Ann please do not project yours ideas on me. Just remember little Anna Becker how she did come into this world, Russian mafia is very strong. They set up this and they are very proud of this, take Russian pro and orchestrate Boris Becker life. Now they do same with Mel. I do support Mel Gibson because I do believe that when man is down and hurting and need a help, it is not nice to go and kick him with the crowd. mel he was conned, his private talk to Oksana was twisted and manipulated on us. Look they have a fight on January 6, but later in January after this fight Oksana went twice with Mel to restaurant. And I do believe, it is just my opinion that she did put some psychotropic drug in his drink and called him and taped him. I do believe that Mel was set up by Russian mafia and that Oksana have a help from outside -like professionally altered tapes. I just wish Mel good luck and best to his family.


You support him because he is so charming!!! He can't be an abuser! He is a Christian! He has his own church and everyone is welcome! He was a great father and a husband for 28 years! We all loved Mel for that.
He is not a Christian! Listen to him! There are a dozen of demons inside of him...The guy needs help, but first, he has to admit it. "King of Malibu" 4 year ago he was speeding while driving drunk on PHW in Malibu, there was an open bottle of tequila in the car...If he would kill someone that day, I am sure you would still think he is a good man, just little bit troubbled. Nothing changed. He can call " an asshole" anyone he wants, even an interviewer.
Gibson is a great director, a great actor. No one will say it's not true. I love his "Hamlet", "A man without face", "Braveheart"...too much good staff to name. I wish him the best...but don't blame Oksana for pushing his buttons, he needs help...professional help.


I also support Mel-She is a crazy money hungry hoe who uses her children! GREAT!! I can't support her in anyway and I am female so this is not a gender issue.

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