Mel Gibson to Oksana Grigorieva in New Tape: No One Will Believe You!

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An excerpt from Mel Gibson rant #6 ...

Oksana Grigorieva: You are acting as a crazy man right now. And you have been for many many months. And you hit me and you hit her. While she was in my hands. Mel, you are losing your mind. You need medication.



In the sixth tape of the actor losing it on Oksana (follow this link for all the Mel Gibson rants), he hurls the usual vile insults and appears generally insane.

Gibson and Grigorieva are engaged in an increasingly ugly custody fight over their daughter, Lucia, while Mel is under investigation for domestic violence.

Mel's attorneys have suggested that the tapes were recorded without his consent, as well as potentially altered. They also deny he attacked her physically.

She claims the tapes - along with a gruesome photo of her bruised face - prove her abuse allegation against him and that he is simply blaming the victim.

Gibson's camp has painted her as a extortionist, and there was apparently a $15 million settlement regarding custody and the tapes that she did not sign.

Follow the jump to hear the latest Mel Gibson tape ...

What do you think? Is this proof that Mel abused Oksana? Or is the evidence manipulated and/or circumstantial? Whose side are you on?


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I've been a victim of domestic violence and mental abuse (yes, the abuse doesn't have to be physical), and I have to say that just from reading the tape dialogues, it looks like Mel has the typical characteristics of an abuser - foul mouthed ranting and threats, attempts to isolate the partner by telling that they have no friends, and then hating any friends they do have etc. She does also sound like a nightmare gold digger, but she's not the first and she wont be the last, and it certainly does not mean that she or any woman deserves physical violence if that is what happened. Had Mel not heard of a little thing called a pre-nup? Egomaniac Actor + wannabe gold digger = great big shameful mess.


I am the real Joe Mattalo, that comment left on this page was submitted by Collette Quindon posing as me. She has a few problems as we can read so please disregard the comment as I did not post it. The police wil be tracing the IP address and will have a talk to her


Little history about Timothy Dalton and Oksana whose real name is Oksana Petrovich Chernuha. Oksana change her last name to her mothers maiden name "Grigorieva" for some reason. Oksana is not in this alone she has her sister, Natalie helping her. Timothy Dalton wasn't stupid and made Oksana sign a contract that she is not getting anything from him except a daily allowance and nothing if she leaves him.
She may not even be getting child support since she left him.
Different rules in the UK. Prolly the main reason she came to USA. She uses kids as pawns to get men to support her so she doesn't have to work. None of her Ex's speak highly of her and all agree she is an opportunist.


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he left his wife of 27years and 7 children just bcos he wanted to show off with a younger woman. when will men understand that these young women just need fame or thier money? a younger woman told us how small jon gosselin´s dick is, kate gosselin kept that secret from the whole world. now oksana is tellin us how stupid and sick Mel is, Mel´s ex wife also kept that secret for a very long time. money cant buy love


I'm so disgusted with them both, but more with Hell Mel. I'm sick of all these rich A'holes dumping on everybody. He deserves to be taken to the cleaners because he left his wife. He hates everybody (and this means somewhere inside he hates himself). He's a sorry excuse for a "human being". Poor kids.


Mel SEEMS to act insane? Where have you been hiding? hahaha This disgusting pig of a man has always been an abuser....He's an addict and an abuser. Can't sugar coat that, no matter how hard you try. I for one, will not support any artistic effort he makes in the future, he doesn't deserve it. Abuse in any form should just not be tolerated......I don't care who you are or who you think you are. I also feel very sorry for the children, I hope Oksana takes both her kids home to Russia, away from this type of child abuse. And that's exactly what he's doing. What a mess, I thought he was once a talented human being........ooops. my mistake.


While I don't condone mel Gibsons tirade and crude remarks , it's clear to me that he has gone over the edge and needs therapy now!On the other side i do think Oksana set him up and the alleged gold digger doctored the tapes in some way. Between his abuse of alcohol and the realization that this -young woman(who he left his wife of 28 years for) was only in it for money and maybe even fame.I hope he gets back on track and she goes back to Russia.I don't feel sorry for either of these selfish fools, I just feel sorry for all the kids involved!


Mel is a vile pig! Whether the mother of his daughter has used him or not, he can't be let off the hook for his inexcusable and threatening behaviour. No 'ordinary' citizen in similar circumstances would be defended the way some are standing up for the famous and rich Mel. This isn't the first time he has demonstrated his true attitudes. He seems to have contempt for Jews, women, blacks, hispanics, and God knows what other groups. I don't think I'll ever again be able to watch any movie he's in; he should retire and disappear into anonymity. I pray he loses all rights to this innocent baby.


Oskana is a BITCH,,Golddigger,,whore,,Liar....
i support Mel 1000000000% and believe in him...he was manipulated and set up by this Evil bitch...Why she stayed with him after he hit her in january?? why she didn't tell the police at this time?? why she stayed with him after that but also go out with him in public while recording those tapes...she did it on purpose..
also Mel was Very angry and hurt because he found out he was used by this whore..i feel really sorry for Mel and wish him all the BEST in life...the media,,oskana can go straight to hell and kiss Mel's ass..

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