Did Mel Gibson Hit Oksana Grigorieva's Son?

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The accusations against Mel Gibson keep piling up. The actor's ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, claims he grabbed her son and threw him on a table in a rage.

All over a cigarette, no less.

Awful Oksana

Oksana's son is 12, and his father is her ex, Timothy Dalton. The potential significance of the cigarette incident with Gibson is that may have been witnesses.

That's a stark contrast to the Mel Gibson tapes, which - despite their awfulness - were recorded without his consent, in unknown context, and possibly edited.

With regard to the alleged attack on Oksana's son Alexander, who also goes by Sacha, the boy was playfully trying to knock a cigarette out of Mel's mouth.

Oksana claims that Mel just exploded, grabbing the boy and throwing him violently onto a table. The issue came up during their custody mediation in May.

At that point, Mel and Oksana were trying to work out an custody deal for daughter Lucia, eight months - and a financial settlement that involved the tapes.

For reasons unknown, Oksana left $15 million on the table.

In any case, Oksana's people informed Mel's lawyers of the attack, while his camp says "numerous adults and children" saw the incident - and differently.

Mel's lawyers claim witnesses will say it just goofing around and Mel did not get physical with Sacha, who accidentally fell as he was jumping for Mel's smoke.

The criminal domestic violence investigation hinges on credibility. Right now, it's hard to establish who has it. The tapes are bad, but criminally, prove little.

Robyn Gibson gave Mel a huge boost with her declaration last week, and if witnesses come forward to back him here too, Oksana's credibility will take a hit.

On a related note, Radar Online has obtained the photo of a bruised Lucia that Oksana is using to plead with police and the courts to strip Mel of custody.

The photo of Lucia shows what looks like a small abrasion on her chin, which Oksana claims she sustained in a January 6 brawl in which Mel hit them both.

Again, we're not defending Mel or saying he's not at fault, but the bruise looks very small, and could have occurred at any time and in any number of ways.

Ultimately, the authorities and courts will decide if a crime occurred, and whether Mel can be trusted with Lucia. Whose side are you on?


I used to really like Mel Gibson. Then his lunatic behavior started. Now I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him, and I believe him even less. He needs psychiatric help NOW, before his rage becomes deadly.


If I were in Oksana's shoes I would have taped Mel as well. On the tape he clearly says "nobody will believe you" when she says she is going to tell the police. WHEN THE MAN IS WHITE THE WOMEN ALWAYS GETS DISCREDITED!!! THIS CASE IS NO DIFFERENT!!! Oksana should have gotten a black man. The girl Ben Roethlisberger raped made the same mistake. GET A BLACK MAN AND AMERICA WILL SYMPATHIES WITH YOU AND BELIEVE YOU TOO!!!! When are they going to arrest him? Or is this a case of Hollywood justice where the community blames the victim and gives the star a slap on the wrist? If Mel Gibson was black he would be in jail, and the woman would get soul custody of the child. This is a double standard. They have the taped evidence that he is an abuser and white women and men alike are saying they need to get along. She needs a restraining order on Mel Gibson, not co-parenting classes. AM I THE ONLY ONE WITH SENSE!! She is telling the truth. Mel is a racist.


Would't the world respect Mel more if he got help, admitted its his voice, his text messanges, his abuse, he is an alcoholic and an adictive personality with bipolar thats having a breakdown...giving up smoking makes anger....instead, Mels protecting his money, trying to blame Oxsana for his abuse. urn your life around Mel and stop defaming the mother of your baby... To her credit, Oksana preferred the safety of her child rather than 15 million dollars...


To all you so called Mel Gibson Haters,After al of these comments,I go out to these stores where I live and I buy every C D. I could find on Mel and I bought them,I will always be his fan.This Oksana can hurt Mel,because he is good in all his movies,I will aways be his fan.Other people will too,be on his side.


oh, it's a SMALL bruise! I mean, maybe if the whole side of her face was purple or he'd poked out an eye, we could be enraged. wow


Gossip sites have reported that Mel has paid people to support him, while slinging mud at Oksana. Hate to say it guys but you just end up making Mel look even worse - sort of like the "I hate Kate Gosselin" fanatics. It's PATHETIC that Mel has to pay people to support him - but who else would do it? No one, that's who.


That's supposed to be a bruise under the baby's lip? Looks like a pimple and more in keeping with baby acne, a not uncommon problem for infants. Oksana, babe, you're really grasping for straws on this one. But it is obvious, by the aftermath of the blown $15 million settlement, that you really loved Mel.


O.K. Darlene. You won. Mel is a good person, she is a bitch. It is not Mel on the tapes, with these days technology you can make anybody sound like Gibson. It wasn't him who was arested 4 years ago, it was an impostor, some Russian guy who looks like Mel, (his plastic surgeries are paid by Jewish Mafia)
Most idiots are using ethnic slurs, Darlene, not most people. Remember, God loves all of us. A Christian person should never forget about it.


the tapes that I have heard have made a believer out of me I will never watch another movie he is in or one that he produces.
I was a Mel Gibson fan but not after hearing the tapes and other evidence againest him sorry Mel you blew it please get some help .


You have to remember that it is not only her child but it is his child to. I don't belive that he hit the baby or her but at this point someone needs to set her straight we Love Mel and don't know who the heck she is so shut your mouth and leave Mel alone I belive the pictures and recordings are doctored at one time or another i would say most people use ethnic slurs so get over it and as for Joan Rivers commets just get another face lift yu don't look yung enough leave Mel Alone

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