Dean McDermott: Free from Penis Pain, Released from Hospital

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Thank goodness Dean McDermott has been released from the hospital.

Sure, we're glad this reality star is healing well from last week's dirt bike accident - but mostly we're just happy to never hear about pain in his penis ever again.

Emaciated Tori

During Tori Spelling's husband's hospital stay, he apparently suffered from an unusual, painful accident; and, naturally, felt the need to tell the world about it. Over the course of a few hours on July 2 and July 3, Dean Tweeted:

OMG !!!!! My catheter is stuck and won't come out. I'm waiting for the Doctor to get here and give it a try. Gotta be honest, I'm scared... I had the worst night. Catheter cut me up coming out. Unbelievable pain. I got a fever of 104 and was throwing up. Fun, WOW!

The worst part of this? It gives the couple ammunition for an entire season of the most contrived reality show on television.

Prior to her husband's release, Tori milked the incident for all the sympathy she could.

On Friday, she Tweeted: "Rented New Moon for 2nite. Lonely w/o @deanracer. Just got home from hospital. Taco Bell and Team Edward!"

First, who refers to her man by his Twitter handle?!? Must Spelling really market Dean's social networking account at all times?

Second, Team Edward?!? Come on. THG is on Team Jacob all the way!

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Maybe he was trying to commit suicide to get away from horse face, I mean his wife.


This dumbass probably wrecked his dirt bike on purpose so that someone might actually watch their retarded excuse for a television show.