David Boreanaz Sued For Sexual Harassment

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Scandal seems to find David Boreanaz like Rachel Uchitel finds married celebrities. This story involves an unnamed woman, however - one suing the actor.

An actress is suing the married actor for sexual harassment. The lawsuit will be filed Thursday in downtown Los Angeles by famed attorney Gloria Allred.

Boreanaz, who plays Special Agent Seeley Booth on Fox's Bones, recently admitted an affair with an unnamed woman, alleging he was being extorted.

That also-unknown mistress was also represented by Allred.

It is not clear if this is the same woman currently filing the sexual harassment suit, or if she's a different accuser, but we should find that out shortly.

BONES TO PICK: Women apparently have some with David.

The harassment suit is the latest in a series of bizarrely scandalous events ... well, they're bizarre in large part because they involve David Boreanaz.

Most famously, tabloids claimed last year that Boreanaz carried on an affair with Rachel Uchitel, now famous as Tiger Woods' Ambien-loving mistress.

Despite his infidelity, the actor admitted his failings and has said that he and wife Jaime Bergman are still committed to resolving their marital issues.

"Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities," he told People magazine in May. "We're working on repairing what has been damaged so badly."

Bones creator Hart Hanson relayed a message from him to the show's fans, thanking them for support and expressing "sincere pain" from the ordeal.

UPDATE: The woman is identified only as Kristin, an extra on the show. She says David sent her "sexually inappropriate text messages" last August.

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Completely agree, O. It's fishy. Still love David and hope he works this out with his family.


Completely agree, O. It's fishy. Still love David and hope he works this out with his family.


John - it's clear to me from the report that this is rubbish, cheating on your wife it one thing - but sexual harassment? I don't think so. The truth will out.


O, You know what else is pathetic defending someone who may or may not be guilt of a crime or being sued just because your a fan of a tv show they are in.


Do any women in Hollywood get by on their own talent these days? I mean really - trying to extort money or sue someone because of your own lack of talent is degrading to all woman. Pathetic. Respect and love to the Boreanaz and Bones family.


The media needs to stop getting into actors/singers/athletes personal lives. Who cares! They entertain us, that is all. The media likes to prey on them for their own "glory" and headlines. These people are like everybody else, they make mistakes just like everybody else in this world. Most people could care less. The media should focuson other important things.


Bones is a really good show; doesn't matter if Boreanaz is an "Angel" or not; he does his job well in entertainment. Give him space & a chance to make it right with his wife & kids!


Bones is the best show on TV. Leave the stars alone. I guess nobody is happy these days unless they are bringing someone down.


I love this guy! I love Bones! Please leave him alone, so they don't cancel the show. Who cares who he's "playing" with. His business, not ours.


Just like the gibson stuff, I COULD CARE LESS it is there private life and they can live it as they like, as long as they do there job and entertain in there shows and series. Tired of the people that cant leave other people along, and the minute of fame cranks.